King’s Bounty II: Tactical RPG gets a Latest Edition of Switch

He strategic role-playing game “King’s Bounty” will get its very own version for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. In a new trailer, those responsible present the project, which is to bring the established franchise, which has existed since 1990, to Nintendo’s current platform.

1C Entertainment is responsible for this. They develop “King’s Bounty II” and then want to publish it on the console with a new coat of paint. The new game is supposed to be a historical continuation of the series; the makers want to use a more realistic graphic style. 

The decisions made by the players should also have a more significant impact on the world rescue mission than ever before. Because, of course, nothing less is the goal. This can also be achieved through the clever use of the new system for character development.

About King’s Bounty 2

First, there is a choice of one of three heroes that the game offers to the players. Each of them has a background and story. The big world and the empire of Antara can then be traveled from the third-person perspective. The players experience numerous adventures, get to know characters, and of course, fight the legendary battles.

The plot: A mysterious disease is spreading—a prankster who thinks evil. Food and resources are becoming scarce. We refrain from another allusion. In King’s Bounty II, refugees flock to the Kingdom of Nostra and need care while the disease continues to spread. We won’t know what the future of the entire empire looks like until the game appears in 2020.

The features at a glance:

King’s Bounty – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

For all fans of turn-based tactics, King’s Bounty II could be a real switch recommendation. The announcement trailer gives a first glimpse, which despite its release yesterday should not turn out to be an April Fool’s joke:

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