It Takes Two: How to Beat Wasp Queen Boss

The Chief of the Wasp Queen in the It takes two losing weight can be quite frustrating. As with most difficult bosses in this game, you need good communication between both players and acknowledge the telegraphed attacks to reduce the number of hits. Here’s how to beat the wasp queen.

How to Beat the Wasp Queen Boss It takes two

The most important thing to keep in mind when facing this boss is that you need to continually remove the swarms of wasps to keep them from becoming a problem.

The first half of the fight is much easier than the second half. You need to damage each section of the Queen Wasp (bottom front and back, center front and back, and head) until each section is destroyed.

  • First you need to fire Cody’s tree sap at the swarms of wasps and then use May’s weapon to blow them up. This is to try to keep her from protecting the wasp queen as much as possible. The swarms will also try to attack you by transforming themselves into a sword or hammer, and you’ll have to jump or dodge these when they get to you.
  • Cody should now have a clear line of sight to fire his tree sap at the Queen Wasp herself. Shoot part of her body and blow it up with May’s gun.
  • Repeat this process until both front pieces have been destroyed.
  • Now for the harder part. You’ll both have to ride the rail to get behind the wasp queen and use the same method as before to destroy the rear sections. The swarms of wasps will be trying to protect the boss, so try to blow these up for a clear shot.
  • As soon as both back walls are destroyed, drive continuously on a circular rail. You’ll need to blow up the swarms so you can get a clear shot of the wasp queen’s head and keep doing damage until you take her out.

It takes two is Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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