Is there a new Game Plus?

One trend that many games tend to follow these days is an exclusive one News game plus, and Outrider as a good action RPG, you would really benefit from such a feature. Does it really have such a mode? Let’s find out below.

Is there a new Game Plus in Outriders?

Being able to dominate over enemies that were difficult at the start of the game is something that many players really enjoy in games similar to Outriders. What was once a solid wall to crack would now feel like literally walking through nothing. Erasing and completing everything the title has to offer, just to repeat it all over again to move up even further, or just for the sheer pleasure of seeing everyone wiped out is what it is all about new game goes. And while all of this sounds good, unfortunately, Outriders don’t have a new Game Plus.

Square Enix is ​​no stranger to this feature as it is implemented in many first party IPs. Outriders was developed by People Can Fly, however, and it was their decision not to include such a mode. At least for now, because who knows what the future will bring for this new title. That said, even if you complete the game’s story and crave more action, Outriders has another great feature as part of its core game loop, Expeditions.

Expeditions are pretty much the “meta” part of the game, making up for the lack of a new Game Plus mode. After you complete the main campaign, they will be unlocked and your character will travel to a brand new camp. From there, you can explore new areas, quests, mysterious locations, new enemies, and most importantly, brand new loot. I will try not to spoil everything here, but rest assured that Expeditions are filled with additional content and you can even increase their difficulty for better rewards. Rinse and repeat and you have nice, addicting looter action on your hands.

Outrider is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, see official site here. If you’d like to see our extensive list of guides and tips for Outriders, take a look here.

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