Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity: Where to Get Stone Talus Trophies

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity you have to defeat many of these rocky giants, so here, where you can get stone talus trophies and other loot from them. Although you will battle many of these monsters over the course of the main story of the game, the trophies you receive from them will be nowhere near enough to unlock all that the game has to offer. Listed below are some missions to streamline this process so you don’t just run around trying to get them all.

Where can I get Stone Talus trophies?

The trophies themselves are easy to get, all you have to do is kill a stone talus and then get a trophy at the end of the mission. If you are farming for their drops, you should find a mission that has lots of Stone Taluses that can also be quickly cleared. If you go through an entire mission just to kill one or two of them, you’ll be spending a lot more time than you actually have to.

Good missions for grinding

One of the better missions is a mid-game mission called “Hunting for Gemstones” which includes a battle against three of the rocky giants. The mission has a recommended level of 52 and lets you fight two of them at the same time in an arena, followed by an even stronger one once one of the two is defeated. You are not allowed to use items during this fight, so it can be a little difficult at first, but once you master it you will have all the resources you need in no time. If you want a slower but much easier mission, you may find some luck in the Colosseum: Beginner mission. In this mission you will fight a stone talus and then a Hinox with a level recommendation of 30. This should be a much nicer approach for early players looking for resources.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster is now available for Nintendo Switch.