How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has conquered the world of mobile gaming. It is a free battle royale game that is especially popular in India. Like other Battle Royale games, a maximum of 100 people reach a specific PUBG map in one battle to the end. The last person or team survived is the winner of the match.

Compared to other shooters, PUBG Mobile is a little more complicated: the ability to add additions to weapons. Among players of the same skill, the correct choice of attachments can be the deciding factor.

The growing electronic gaming scene and base of gamers has forced players to become more competitive and improve skills like game mechanics and game feel. A large number of weapons and accessories are available to players, and each weapon works differently with separate accessories.

This article is a detailed guide to different types of “takeovers” in PUBG Mobile. Grips are useful in-game weapon accessories and can have a huge impact on your performance.

Grip in PUBG: The Thumb Grip

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

Attachable Weapons: M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, QBZ95, Mk47, MP5K

Stats: – 5% Vertical Recoil, – 20% Recoil Pattern Scale, – 20% Weapon Sway, + 30% ADS Speed

Thumb grip does not help bounce directly. It provides a 20% drop in the Bounce Style scale, but that’s the best it does. This grip is the best on long range arms, with ADS speed boosting by 30%. It also makes the weapons very stable while the player is running, and promises to be a strong grip option for fighting vehicles.

Grip in PUBG: The Half Grip

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

Attachable Weapons: M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, Vector, SKS, AUG A3, KRISS Vector, QBZ95, Mk47, Skorpion, MP5K

Stats: – 20% Recoil Pattern Scale, – 8% Vertical Recoil, – 8% Horizontal Recoil, + 10% Recoil Recovery, + 20% Weapon Sway, + 15% Animation Kick

The half grip is a well rounded accessory. It does everything well, but nothing to the fullest. It is unique in providing a bounceback bonus, which helps players when shooting in individual and consecutive shots of a group. However, the grip removes a large amount of weapon stability, making it difficult for players to control the weapon while shooting.

The first attachment to mention is Half Grip, which is one of the most used possibilities for improving a player’s ability to rush. When you’re stuck in a tough situation like 1 in 1, every bullet is important – you’ll want your weapon to stay in the same direction.

Grip in PUBG: The Light weight Grip

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

Attachable Weapons: M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, KRISS Vector, QBZ95, Beryl M762, Mk47, Skorpion, G36C, MP5K

Stats: – 20% Recoil Pattern Scale, – 20% Animation Kick; – 20% Weapon Sway

Fist of Light is a far-reaching monster. It has no special features, which provides the same bounce reduction as other controls. However, it reduces the swing of weapons and kick the weapon dramatically, which makes individual strikes fun in shooting. Best use of SKS or any AR in single shot mode.

Given its resistance in only one area, the light fist comes in the end when it comes to choosing an accessory. The extra bounce is so high that if you find yourself unprepared in a neighboring room or subject to a medium-range ambush, the light grip may be harmful to your effort.

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

Using a better grip in PUBG gives players a greater advantage based on the weapon they use and their playing style. To achieve the best possible result, everything is important. A good player is one who can take advantage of everything at his disposal. The best thing to understand is testing the weapon to feel it.

Grip in PUBG: The Vertical Grip

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

Attachable Weapons: M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, KRISS Vector, SKS, Tommy Gun, AUG A3, QBZ95, Mk47, Skorpion, G36C, MP5K

Stats: -20.00% Recoil Pattern Scale, – 15.00% Vertical Recoil

One of the favorite accessories of many PUBG players, the vertical attachment is the best choice for use on heavy rebound weapons, such as Beryl and Tommy Gun. In fact, it’s the only weapon available for Tommy Gun, the SMG class. The vertical grip lives up to its name by reducing the vertical recoil of the weapons by a large margin. It doesn’t help with horizontal rebound, but it provides a basic 20% reduction in rebound, which is common in other trades as well.

It’s the perfect accessory for long-range combat, and its lack of stability makes it even more used when players are motionless or seated.

Similar to the thumb grip, the vertical handle is quite versatile and can be used in many situations. The weakness of the vertical handle is that it is very good at one thing without more rewards on the other side.

Grip in PUBG: The Angled Foregrip

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

Attachable Weapons: M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, Beryl M762‎‎, Mk47, G36C, MP5K

Stats: – 20.00% Recoil Pattern Scale, – 15.00% Horizontal Recoil, + 10% ADS Speed, + 20% Weapon Sway, + 5% Animation Kick

The angled front fist is modest in most situations, but it’s the best grip choice for players with horizontal bounce. In PUBG Mobile, vertical bounce is relatively easy to control, but tame horizontal bounce can be incredibly difficult.

This grip greatly reduces horizontal rebound, but does not help the stability of the weapon, making it a good grip for medium and short-range combat. Long distance use is not recommended, due to its heinous effect of weapons + 20% and 5% animation.

How to use weapon grips? In PUBG Mobile

The tilted grip also provides better ADS speed, resulting in faster spraying while looking. The weakness of this fist is that it reduces the stability of the weapon, which may lead to inaccurate gunshots. This interferes with reduced recoil and reduces weapon accuracy in long-range battles.

Best grips in PUBG Mobile

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