How to unlock the Nier Raid Tower at Paradigm’s Breach

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5 introduces the final stage of the Refuse to attack, Tower at Paradigm’s Breachand thus ends Yoko Taro’s story. It shouldn’t take long to unlock the final 24 man heist, but you’ll need to clean up any side quests that you left unattended at the end of The Puppets’ Bunker.

Complete To Make Amends to gain access to the Nier Raid Tower at Paradigm’s Breach in Final Fantasy 14.

To unlock the quest chain that leads to the new Nier raid “Tower at Paradigm’s Reach”, you must first complete the dolls’ bunker quest “To Make Amends”. Konogg is in Komra in Kholusia (X: 33.8, Y: 18.0); Talk to the dwarf to start To Make Amends.

After completing this quest, the Dig Site Chief in Komra will be able to pick up the first “Tower at Paradigm’s Breach” quest. Talk to them to start Konogg, Alone, which will lead to the quest Brave New World. From here you can get access to the latest and greatest Nier Heist in Final Fantasy 14, but it doesn’t completely conclude the YoRHa: Dark Apocolypse story.

After completing the heist and some follow-up quests, you’ll unlock a short series of weekly quests that will complete the Nier story after Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. Complete the first to unlock the second in the following week, then turn it off for the third and final quest.

In patch 5.5, you can only loot one piece of equipment per week in Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. This is similar to the previous 24-man raid tiers, and the Nier raids were no different. It doesn’t matter if you need or greed, or if the prey is for your job or not: you will receive one item a week. Cosmetics and toiletries such as Orchestrion Scrolls and pets do not count towards this limit. In addition, after completing the raid you will receive two Cracked Stellaclusters and one Breach Coin per week.

You must be at least item level 495 to participate in the final Nier raid in Final Fantasy XIV. As a result, you may need to catch up on your gear. The good news is that Eden’s Promise no longer has a weekly loot limit. So you can farm it alongside sanding down tomestone gear if you still need to get to item level 495.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is now available for PC and PlayStation 4. The official version for PlayStation 5 is currently in beta.

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