How to unlock Switch Skills

Switch skills a new feature is added Monster Hunter Rise So you can personalize your play style with the weapon of your choice. They take a little work to unlock, but they can make a personal favorite a weapon that you weren’t interested in before. You’ll have to tackle the more difficult Hub quests and do some manual labor to unlock all three per weapon, but it’s well worth the effort.

Unlock switch skills by completing quests and crafting 5 unique weapons per type in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has three switch skills per weapon that take a bit of work to unlock. Everyone changes a certain part of the playstyle of each weapon and can be freely swapped in any item box or camp in the game.

The first switch skill is actually pretty easy to unlock – achieve 2 star quests in the hub or 3 star quests in the village. After you’ve done both, you can speak to Master Utsushi in the hub. It grants you the first switch skill for every weapon available in Monster Hunter Rise.

This switch skill in Monster Hunter Rise modifies a mechanic that is tied to any weapon, such as a gun. B. the “echo mode” for the hunting horn. With this switch ability, Horn users can provide buffs by using Perform after performing the associated attack, rather than having to perform that attack twice as would be the case in “Performance Mode”.

The second switch skill must be unlocked per weapon, but allows the hunters to swap their default silk binding attacks. To get this Switch Skill, all you need to do is craft or upgrade 5 unique variants of the weapon that you want to unlock the Switch Skill for. This requires some farming, but isn’t as bad if you are actively hunting.

The third switch skill, which changes any of your weapon combinations, takes a little more time and effort to earn. You have to reach Hunter Rank 4 to unlock him. This means that you can either achieve 4 star quests in the hub by completing hub quests or by using a special ticket from Village quests to jump to rank 4 (which is usually around the 6 star rank lies) quest mark).

Once you reach Hunter Rank 4, Master Utsushi will give you four Hub Quests each, each of which will unlock the third switch skill for the weapon associated with it. You can’t choose which quests he gives you so you will likely have to delete some to get the quest you want. The order and batches in which these appear are:

  • First thrust
    • sword and shield
    • Hunting horn
    • Ax change
    • Light bowgun
  • Second batch
    • Great sword
    • hammer
    • lance
    • Charging blade
    • Heavy bowgun
  • Third batch
    • Long sword
    • Double blades
    • Gunlance
    • Insect glaze
    • bow

You will get the third switch skill for a weapon when you have completed its quest. After completing this step, you’ll have unlocked all three switch skills available for your weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (and at least two for each weapon, assuming you haven’t performed any skills outside of your main weapon).

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

– This article was updated on: March 31, 2021

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