How to Recruit More Minions

Minions in the Evil Genius 2 are your greatest resource, and you must recruit hundreds of them if you are going to take over the world. It’s important to have a healthy number of minions on hand at all times, whether you’re running your base, carrying out your diabolical plans, or thwarting pesky judicial agents and investigators. Thankfully, getting more people into your sneaky group isn’t all that difficult.

Recruit more minions in Evil Genius 2 by building lockers or buying them.

In Evil Genius 2, you will find yourself consuming Minions quickly, but there are several ways you can recruit more to cover the ones that are lost. Minions are lost in a handful of ways – death, betrayal, and through the execution of schemes – so you need to be aware of how many you have available at any given time.

If you run out of minions in your hiding place, there are two ways to recruit more. The first method is pretty simple: every minute in the game you recruit 4 to 5 new minions for your cause, as long as you have room for them. To level up your minion cap, you will need to build lockers in the barracks. However, do not forget to build beds to rest in (otherwise you will suffer losses from betrayal).

You can track the time remaining until another wave of minions arrives in your hiding place via the minion training menu. It can be accessed by tapping “T” on your keyboard. Click the yellow Worker Minion tab at the top of the training tree to see the time remaining on the left side of the interface. From here, you can use the second method of recruiting: buy it!

For $ 10,000 you can instantly recruit 4 to 5 new minions for your cause in Evil Genius 2, but you want to be sure that you A.) have no ongoing projects that are a drain on your money, and B.) you are active systems, that generate income. Think of this method as an “emergency” button more than anything else. Remember, you can’t buy past your minion cap so you will have to build lockers at some point.

Minion does not reset the timer between shots, so you can always wait for another wave. Use this option when you are flush with consumable income and only when you need to bolster your Minion ranks after a disastrous clash with the Forces of Justice, or when you need to quickly get back to your Minion cap to keep your schemes going. The first method via the timer is enough to keep your minion roster well staffed when you don’t throw more minions than you can afford at Schemes or lose them to enemy intrusion into your hideout in Evil Genius 2.

Evil Genius 2 will be available on PC March 30th.

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