How to play Co-Op with your friends in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is finally among us, and just like in the Dark Souls saga, FromSoftware ‘s new game also has a strong cooperative and competitive component. Following the style of the studio’s previous games, there are a series of rules, items, and rituals so that this connection between players can happen. As many players are diving for the first time in this proposal, everything can be a little complicated, but I will break the system down for you.

First of all, remember to enter the Menu and access the System tab. You must activate the online options that are disabled by default, such as playing online and seeing the summon signs.

In this system, there is the Host, which is the one who hosts the game, loads the progress, and calls the other players to his world. The Allies, which can be up to two, enter other worlds to explore together, help kill bosses or even eliminate other players. Those who enter other worlds to eliminate the Host and his friends are called Invaders. It is worth mentioning that when an Ally dies, it is necessary to summon him again; he does not lose Runs or items but loses connection with that world. When the Hostdies, the entire connection is broken, and the whole process must be done again. When the main boss of an area is defeated, the connection is also broken.

Understanding how to play Elden Ring multiplayer with friends isn’t the easiest explanation. But if you wonder how and when you can play Elden Ring Coop or what rings you will have to go through to do so, we can help you. It pays to take advantage of the help of friends to face the toughest opponents and fight bosses together. Here we will show you how to play the Elden Ring multiplayer mode, as well as the limitations and advantages of Cooper’s fold.

To perform the summoning ritual, you must first see the signs. To view other players’ summon signs, it is necessary to use a consumable item named Furlcalling Finger Remedy. This item can be purchased, dropped by enemies, found around the map, or crafted using the Elden Ring Crafting System.

You can also set a password in the Multiplayer menu and thus only see the signs of players who have it, making it very easy to see. Something important to note is that players must be in the same area.

It is also possible to activate cooperation in areas with a statue called the Martyr Effigy, as it signals that it is possible to summon friends there. These statues need to be activated. All that done, use the Small Golden Effigy item to send a summon signal to the nearest statue. The signal arrives for your friend, who can summon it.

If you want to join a friend’s game to help them, you will need to use the Tarnished’s Furled Finger item to place your sign on the ground and have your friend see you in their world to summon you. This item is not consumable.If you want to remove a player from your world or even return to your session, use the Finger Severer item.

How to play Elden Ring multiplayer with friends

Players will need to jump through some hoops first to play Elden Ring multiplayer with friends, as Coop has its set limits. The Elden Ring online has a single player who acts as a “finger host,” Everyone joins their world as a fictitious player, effectively helping the host in everything they do.

  • To play with friends, you’ll need internet connections on your consoles/computers (and any subscription services you need to play online).
  • Once you do that, both of you should open the game menu and scroll down to “Multiplayer.”
  • Once there, select Settings and enter your multiplayer password. It could be anything, but as long as you and your friends enter it correctly and match, that’s all that matters. These passwords ensure that you will only see each other, not millions of other players.
  • Now that it’s done, anyone who isn’t a host must use a special item marked in their multiplayer menu called the Small Golden Effigy. I mean, everyone except someone who needs help fighting a boss or difficult area should do it. A message will appear that says, “Cooperative tag sent to summoning group.”
  • If you don’t have the golden dollies, head back to the first area outside the Stranded graveyard, facing the Tree Sentinel. There will be leaning on the doll of the martyr in the area. Speaking of this topic…
  • Then the host person must find a small statue called a martyr’s statue, specifically in the area where he needs help. These are common little figurines with outstretched arms and are usually found at dungeon entrances or outside boss arenas.
  • Interact with him to open the summon pool and reveal a code that allows you to summon your friends using a small golden doll with matching passwords. Now you should be able to get them!

How Elden Ring coop works

The players brought to the Elden Ring as the Golden Phantoms were not as powerful as they were in their world. They have half as many jars as they normally do, and their stats are usually nerfed to prevent two high-ranked players from stomping bosses for their lower-level friend.

Coop is also run with a specific target in mind, known as the Zone Boss. Wherever the host drops the martyr’s wrist, this effectively makes everything important. For example, if the hosts bring players to Stormveil Castle, the goal is to destroy the castle boss, Godrick the Grafted. The mission ends once this is done, and the ghosts are sent to their games.

How many people can play Elden Ring coop?

Elden Ring Coop supports up to three players simultaneously; A finger wafer and two golden ponytails to hold them. It’s also not cross-platform so that players won’t fight with friends on other consoles or computers.

When does coop multiplayer unlock in Elden Ring?

From what we can tell, the Elden Ring multiplayer game is unlocked by completing the tutorial, leaving a graveyard stranded in the grassy world of Limgrave and the intervening lands. However, we don’t recommend playing it just yet – co-op multiplayer is objective-dependent, and you should generally explore in those first few hours. Still, look for the martyr dolls and save them from knowing where you can count the allies in question.

How to be summoned by random players

Players who are happy to be called by anyone can use a multiplayer menu item called Tarnished’s Furled Finger, next to a golden figurine. This places a gold token where the player stands, which appears in random player games and can be played.

However, these codes cannot be seen until the potential host uses an item in that menu called Furlcalling Finger Therapy – they are invisible and unusable until they are used. So if you want to summon allies, use the Furlcalling Finger cure, and you’ll see the tokens left by those who used the Tarnished’s Furled Finger. The good thing is that these names are very simple.

Enabling and Disabling Co-op Functionality

To use the co-op on the Elden Ring, you must be connected to the Internet and have the appropriate subscription service (Xbox Live Gold for Xbox and PlayStation Plus for PlayStation consoles). If you have an active subscription, you are ready to set up multiplayer. If not, you don’t have to worry about random invasions, but you can’t ask for help either.

Normally, any owner of the Elden Ring could ask for help from other players, but what if you prefer to adventure with a select group of buddies? If so, you can set up a group and multiplayer passwords. Go to the Multiplayer tab in the main menu, create a unique password, and share it with your friends. When they type the password into their game, they can join you and vice versa. While this system prevents random strangers from filling up limited allies slots, it doesn’t stop them from invading your session.

In the meantime, if you have an active subscription but don’t want to participate in a multiplayer game, you can disable cooperation by visiting the main menu, selecting the “System” tab, selecting “Network,” and finally setting the game to “Offline play.”

Creating Summon Signs and Martyr Effigies

If you don’t want to ask another player for help but would rather have the summoned help, you don’t need to check the summon signs or martyred puppets. Instead, you can create your own, and players can interact with them and contact you.

Creating martyr dolls is just as easy. Simply use a small golden doll, which is provided by inspecting any martyr statue, and the game will automatically spawn a co-op doll in a nearby summoning pool.

Co-op Roles

In the Dark Souls games, multiple players are divided into the host, the friendly agent, and the invader agent. Elden Ring follows this system but with a few tweaks to ease, or accentuate, the PvP pain.

Any player who summons allies or is invaded becomes Fist, and they must survive at all costs. If a group of fingers dies for any reason, all summoned players will be sent back to their sessions.

Anyone invited by a summoning banner or martyr doll is considered a wrinkled finger. Your task is to defend the life of Finger Host, both from enemy monsters and invading players. If he is successful, the Fingers Prize is awarded for his troubles. While normal Elden Ring play limits hosts to two furled fingers (and one conquest), if a summoner uses the Tenant Taunter, they are only aided by a single finger. The player can have an additional opponent invade their play.

If players don’t want to help other Elden Ring players explore the lands between the Earth and prefer to serve as an emergency shield in PvP, they can sign up to be a hunter and help with just a handful of fingers in the conquest. To become a hunter, a player needs a blue cipher ring, which can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks, found in the Roundtable Hold, for 1,000 Runes. This item scares the user away in a co-op session, but only if the host is invaded using the White Cipher Ring. Like its blue counterpart, this ring is only sold by Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold and priced at 1000 Runes.

Some important notices

  • When playing with other players, the mount feature will be disabled. The same happens if you are hacked, even playing alone.
  • Ash Summons with those spirits that help you are also disabled during co-op.
  • Playing in Co-Op will leave you vulnerable to invasions from other players (the red ones). When playing alone this only happens when using a certain item.
  • When you enter another player’s world your HP and FP Flasks are halved, always rounded down. So always make them even numbers before playing Co-Op. This vial administration can be performed at the Free Places .
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