How To Make Gil Without Crafting (Aug 2021)

How do you make gil without crafting? Dear reader, we feel your pain. Crafting is tedious, expensive, and for the most part, quite boring. There are days when artisans can spend more than ten hours completing just a single set of equipment. Not every player in Final Fantasy 14 wants to deal with this nonsense. While cooking or jewelry making is considered “easy money” by most, let us let you in on a little secret. With a little effort, and maybe a little luck, you can make money without ever having to go into a crafting or collecting job. Here’s everything we know about how to make gil without crafting in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to make gil without crafting in Final Fantasy XIV

The best ways to make gil without crafting in Final Fantasy XIV is to focus on grinding mobs, out of sync dungeons and trials, building your henchmen, treasure maps and destinye. Oh, didn’t you expect the last one? Read on to learn exactly how to turn your black mage into a gil-earning machine that can challenge any artisan out there.

Churn baby churn

Materials are abundant in Final Fantasy XIV, but it can sometimes be difficult to make gil without making these materials. The raw materials like skins, feathers, claws, horns, etc. that fall from monsters, dungeons or trials can make you a pretty penny if they are collected in large quantities. Take an hour or two of your time, focus on a specific mob or item, and kill enough to put a nice stack of 99 up for sale. Artisans will take them away from you if your price is right. But it doesn’t stop there. Older content can really bring you some nice gil. Take a look at the drop tables of dungeons and trials that you can do alone or with some friends without syncing and you will find that there are a lot of coveted items that are not in stock regularly. If you take the unsynchronized approach, look for elements like:

  • Minions
  • music
  • connections
  • Crafting Materials – Some dungeons are the only place to get these, so that adds up

This first method is very meal-intensive. We have found that focusing on dungeons and trials rather than just farming mobs in the world gives you the added benefit of guaranteed equipment deliveries. The gear can then be converted into large company seals. Great Company Seals can then be exchanged for rare crafting materials needed to complete certain ones weapons or other items not available anywhere else. IE, even if you don’t get the drop, you will still earn some money by completing these dungeons and trials. The same cannot be said for RNG on monster materials.

Put your retainers in place

You know, not many people actually use their followers. Even with just two salaries, you will earn residual income as long as they are used to the full. First, try to fill each henchman’s market board slots with items that are for sale. The more items you have on offer in different categories, the higher the chance of a sale. Second, try to get your followers to the max for every job you have on the Cap. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you have right now unless you are looking for a specific drop. Along the way, make sure you change their exploration plans to the highest level available and make sure they have the necessary equipment to reach that level. When they level up, they often bring back crappy items, but also Allagan pieces of varying quality. Sell ​​these every day and you will earn a little bit as you go. The trick is that once they are at their highest level, you can do one of two things.

  • Keep sending them on at the highest level. Venture that takes 18 hours to dissolve
  • Send her on quick ventures that take an hour each time

We advise the second option personally. What they do while in the world is a mystery to anyone, but what they bring with them can usually be pretty amazing. If you do quick explorations, your followers will no longer bring back Allagan pieces, but random items. These include, but are not limited to, rare minions, cosmetic items, risk boxes that may contain Pure White or Jet Black Dye (at the time of this writing these range from 200 to 300,000 gil), and so on. Choosing this method also gives you more gear along the way to hand in for company seals or wear yourself if it’s better than what you have. Retainers do their thing while you make money. This will further maximize your earning potential. You should always do this regardless of your chosen method.

There is Gil in them there hills

Okay, you can really make it big here. Treasure hunts contain some of the most expensive items in the game but are very luck based. The best way to make sure you’re making good gil out of this is to create a full static group just to make treasure maps. Depending on your luck, you can get anywhere from 10 to 100,000 gil per card multiplied by eight, as everyone in the group should have a card before heading out. Cards can cost a pretty penny (especially when they first fall) but when everyone invests in each you get your money back and more. The upper end of the range depends on whether a portal appears that will take you to the underground dungeons and canals. You can really do some gil here.

In the current state of the game, these underground “treasure dungeons” can pay off like crazy. In addition to guaranteed gil, you can get handicrafts worth millions, minions worth tens of millions, and even unique patio furniture. Additionally, these drops often remain exclusive to the cards so they never cease to be good sellers, but the price can go down over time due to the high supply and lower demand. Remember that since this is combat content, you want to have a knowledgeable group of players, which is why we recommended doing a static earlier.

Don’t ignore your Destiny

So how many Destinye have you done since hitting max level on your fighting jobs? We suspect once you got what you wanted you didn’t do many. Well you missed something. Starting with Shadowbringers, FFXIV added shared Destinye. This feature keeps track of how many Destinye you’ve completed in each Shadowbringers zone, and then levels up as you complete more and more of them. In total, you’ll want to complete about 67 Destinye per zone to maximize them all. As you accomplish this Destinye, you will be rewarded with two-tone gemstones. These gemstones can then be exchanged for things and after all areas have been maximized, a final gemstone dealer is unlocked. You see where this is going, right?

By completing Destinye shared in these zones, you can earn enough two-tone gems to exchange for a piece of music, a servant, or HQ materials that are in high demand. At the time of this writing, most music goes for over 100,000 gil and requires sufficient zone rank to purchase, in addition to around 30+ Destinyes to get enough gems. Trust us when we say it’s one hundred percent worth it. Put on a few tunes or a show you like and the Destiny grinds like the best of it.

This is what we have now. There are plenty of other ways you can make gil without tinkering out there, but we think this is the best place to start. Most importantly, find the method that you enjoy the most! While grinding extremes can be most profitable if you hate every second of it, you will most likely stop and destroy your earning potential. Take one step at a time and find your thing and you will get Gil to move.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5. Also, check out our other Gil Earning Guides while you’re here.