How to Get Pawprint Stamps

Pawprint stamps is an article by Monster Hunter Risethat you barely get any clue as to how to get it. If you haven’t been hunting down the specific weapons they need, you might not even know they are in the game. That’s why we’re here to show you exactly where and how to get Pawprint Stamps in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get pawprint stamps in Monster Hunter Rise

The specific material is mainly needed for the Felyne weapon tree, which has almost all of the designs based on the Felyne and Melynx creatures found in the wild. Other than your own Palico, think of them as the untamed versions of your little buddy. Not only do they have designs based on them, but pawprint stamps can be found from these living things. You just have to hit them until they’re knocked out (don’t worry, you can’t kill them as they stop taking damage and run away after a while). When they do, they leave a shiny item with a chance of being a Pawprint Stamp. The item has a 14% drop chance from Felynes, slightly more from Melynxes at 20%.

Both Felynes and Melynxes can be found while exploring the various biomes of Monster Hunter Rise. They tend to have secret nests in hard-to-reach areas within the map, which makes them difficult to find. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pinpoint where they are on the map and mess around. The best thing you can do is filter your card with just them and look around their nests as well. Usually the Shrine Ruins and Sandy Plains are the best places to look for these guys where they usually travel in packs. Mostly Melynxes, but Felynes could occasionally be more than one in one place.

For reference only, here are all of the items you can craft using Pawprint Stamps in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Facade climbers
  • Felyne imagination
  • Angry Claws
  • Cat paw
  • Cuddly cat
  • Felyne Claws
  • Cat curse

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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