How to get great gear

A lot of materials are needed to complete each side quest and upgrade a weapon Nier: replicant, with the Big gear Item is one of the rarest in the bunch, especially if it’s early in the game. It is difficult to identify which enemy is dropping which item other than following the concept of the name for an item and material. This is also the case with Large Gear, as robotic enemies, as you can imagine, drop such material. Here’s how to actually find great gear.

Where to Find and How to Get Great Gear in Nier: Replicant

Junk Heap is the place to go if you are looking for some great gear to upgrade your weapons and complete side quests. The place is full of robots / automated enemies and almost all of them drop the specific item. Yes, that’s right, every mob you defeat there has a chance to give you this rare material. That said, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

As a rarer drop of these particular robots, expect to beat large numbers of them if your plan is to get a ton of large gears. Although numbers are not 100% sure proof for the time being, as more data is being collected every day, only the largest of these robots drop more often. Small robotic beings typically drop other common items, and very rarely large equipment. This is why you want to target the big ones to increase your chances even as the process slows down.

When looking for Large Gear in Nier: Replicant, expect lots of other materials to be thrown at you. Memory Alloy, Titanium Alloy, all can be found here from these robots. As such, this area is a good place to start looking for more items that you will need in your adventure, both gear and side content. Don’t forget to add a few mah-line words to your equipment, as these will increase the drop rate of items by enemies by up to 25% and will stack them up when you have several of them equipped. By doing this, you will greatly speed up the process of farming some large pieces of equipment.

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