How to get Felyne Fur Ruby

Similar to other craft items in Monster Hunter Rise, the Felyne Fur Ruby is a rare material found in very specific locations on every map in the game. It is used to make some exceptional in-game goodies, which makes it an important ingredient, such as the Pawprint Stamp. I mention the specific article as both are from the same source. Something like that. Let’s take a look below to see exactly what I’m talking about.

How to get Felyne Fur Ruby in Monster Hunter Rise

First of all, you need to start a high-level expedition as the ruby ​​can only be found in these. So if you are still dealing with low-ranked content, for now there is nothing to worry about and you will have to wait until you get to the HR versions of your cards. That said, on these expeditions you will have to look for Felyne nests. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry, it’s not that these are explained in detail by anyone in the game.

If you’ve come across areas with “Junk Piles,” searchable nodes in every map of Monster Hunter Rise, you’ve already found quite a few nests since these are what we’re talking about. Felynes and Melynxes, creatures similar to your Palico but living in the wild, tend to find random things and keep them in these piles. If you browse through them, you can sometimes find a number of useful goodies, including these precious Felyne Fur Rubies. So if you want any, you have to find all five. Each card contains only one heap of trash, which means that you only have one chance of getting a ruby ​​on each expedition.

Junk Piles locations on every Monster Hunter Rise map

Shrine ruins

Go to Region 3 and climb the wine wall attached to the central pillar. You may miss it because it is almost the same exact color as the pillar, but walk around for a while and you will be able to tell it apart.

Frost islands

In Region 5 you are on the way to a large rock on the north side. Right there there is a certain tree and a more distinct car like a snowman. Go there and the nest will be right there.

Sandy Plains

You need to go underground in Region 5 and then continue north. As you enter the caves, keep hugging the walls as there is a hole there that will lead you to the nest.

Flooded forest

Go to Region 7 on the north side where there is a rock formation. It’s easy to tell apart, so jump straight into the nest and look around.

Lava caves

First go to region 1. On the north side you will see another wine wall. Because of the different colors, it’s easy to see here. Climb on it and then go up to certain stone objects / structures. The nest should be there for you to access.

With that we have all the areas you can look for a Felyne Fur Ruby. Please note that taking out these little creatures, Melynxes and Felynes, can also cause them to leave some Rubies behind. However, the chances of dropping are so slim and these feline pests are very difficult to locate that it is not worth trying to actually breed from them. Just keep participating in HR expeditions, search the stacks and you can get a couple of Felyne Fur Rubies with minimal fuss.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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