How to get a mount

Whether you’re just starting out or leveling up an old level, knowing when and how to get a mount is critical. Final Fantasy 14 features a variety of mounts ranging from the iconic chocobos of the series to a $ 40 whale from the moon that lets you fly seven of your friends across the lands of Eorzea. Getting a mount makes traveling a lot less painful, as quests that used to take forever on foot now only take a short hop and a hop to get where you need to go. Here’s everything we know about how to get a mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get a mount in Final Fantasy XIV

To get a mount in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll need to complete the main story quests until you unlock large corporations, then trade in 200 corporate seals for an edition of Chocobo. There are a few nuances in this process, so see below for a quick step and step on how to achieve this goal and begin your mount journey.

Steps to Your First Chocobo

  • Complete the Level 20 main story quest, “A Hero in the Form”.
  • Join a large company (pick your favorite, all offer pretty much the same but tailored to their city-state)
  • Complete GC quests up to “My Little Chocobo” with your GC
  • Earn 200 company seals by participating in Destinyen, clearing your hunting log, or following our recommendation by completing a few Grand Company Leves.
  • Once you’ve earned the 200 you need, speak to the Grand Company’s quartermaster and exchange your seals for a chocobo issue. Note that depending on the GC, the name is XX Chocobo Issuance. Limsa, for example, has the Storm Chocobo edition.
  • For My Little Chocobo, return to your quest giver and exchange your expense for your first mount whistle. Use it from your inventory and you will meet your first mount. Congratulations!

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5. Also, check out our other FFXIV guides while you’re here!