How to get a cult artifact from the tower for Raz

The first Spire challenges were released for Fortnite Season 6, and Raz sends you on a long series of quests in which you have to collect a lot of material at one point. You won’t unlock this quest until you’ve found artifacts for Tarana and then found the thief. One of the things he asks you to get the cult artifact from the tower, the towering structure in the center of the new Fortnite map. It’s just one of many Spire quests added to the game with the latest update, but it’s actually one of the easier challenges to complete. Here you can get the cult artifact from the tower for Raz in Fortnite.

Where to find the cult artifact in Fortnite

Retrieving the cult artifact sounds difficult, but it’s actually just sitting unguarded in a room, just waiting to be picked up. It is located in the tallest building on the south side of the tower. If you’re having trouble finding it, it’s just below the letter “S” in the word “Spire” on the map.

Once you get to the correct room, the cult artifact will be in the far right corner of the room on the floor next to a bench with an ammo canister. To complete the challenge, all you have to do is interact with it to collect it.

This is one of the easier tasks Raz gives you, but it’s just one of many tasks he assigns you after deciphering the final log. You’ll also need to defeat a Guardian to get a Cult Talisman and hunt some wildlife to collect materials that Raz will need. There’s still a lot to do, so get out there and go hunting.

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