How to find bouncy eggs around the island

A new set of Weekly Challenges has been released for Fortnite Season 6, and this week players will have to find bouncy eggs across the island. Not only does this challenge rewards a ton of XP for the Battle Pass, but those who complete it will also be rewarded with the Tactical Quacks Pickaxe for free. The first step of this challenge only requires 10 bouncy eggs, but you can collect more of them to complete additional quest steps and earn even more XP. This is where you can search for bouncy eggs all over the island in Fortnite.

Where to feed bouncy eggs in Fortnite

Hopping parties are all over the Fortnite map. They are counterfeit items like mushrooms and apples so they can be found on the ground. While you can find them almost anywhere, there are a few places where they appear the most.

The area northwest of Stealthy Stronghold has three places where eggs can spawn: on an island bordering Coral Castle, on the island with the lighthouse, and on the trees north of Stealthy Stronghold. On the south side of the map there are two locations directly south of the tower where eggs can be found. Just follow the orange grass south of the tower and you are sure to come across some of them. Take a look at the map below for the best places to find bouncy eggs.

Hopping parties are similar to hop stones. They give you a small amount of shield and allow you to jump higher and negate fall damage. The effect will only last a short time, but you can save the eggs and take them with you so you can use them later.

Since this is a challenge that everyone is working on at the same time, it can be difficult to find eggs. Multiple players drop onto known egg spawns, so they may have disappeared before you can even land. The best way to try this challenge is on Team Rumble so you can re-deploy your glider and quickly switch between egg spawning locations. Plus, in this mode, you don’t have to worry about being sent back to the lobby.

All you need is 10 Hop Eggs to complete the first step of the challenge and obtain the Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe. However, you can collect more to complete additional challenge steps and earn more XP.

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