How to Complete the Forgotten Chapel

Did you know there is one? secret search in the Outrider towards the end of the game? If you haven’t done this and don’t want to be spoiled any further, I recommend turning away until you have reached the last third of the story. If you don’t care otherwise, or you’ve reached the area where this secret quest takes place in Outriders, I have a complete guide for you below. This secret quest is well worth your time as you earn a free Legendary.

The secret quest in Outriders is in the canyon of the Grand Obelisk towards the end of the game.

The secret quest in Outriders, Forgotten Chapel, is in the canyon of the Grand Obelisk. This area is halfway in the desert after visiting the village where Things happened.

Once you reach the canyon of the Grand Obelisk, you’ll need to make your way to the Grand Obelisk. There are three small pillars along the way that you can interact with. Once you’ve touched all three, a door can be opened on the map leading to a chest with a guaranteed legendary.

The green check marks are the positions of the pillars and the red cross is the door that leads into the forgotten chapel. As you can see, in order to reach the third and final pillar, you need to push the main goal forward. It is important to note that if you exit the Grand Obelisk’s canyon, you will have to restart the secret quest in Outriders. So try to turn them off in one go.

Below are screenshots and descriptions for each column.

Location 1

This pillar can be found by turning left just before the apparent arena immediately after exiting the corridor leading out of the camp.

Location 2

After clearing out the monsters in the first arena, head upstairs but take the path that goes right and back. You enter a seemingly ancient area of ​​worship and find Pillar 2 in the center of the room.

Location 3

The last pillar is at the other end of the map behind the Grand Obelisk. Just go up the stairs at the back of the room to reach the last pillar.

The door

Go back to the Cliffside Path and go up the stairs. To the right of this is a door with three luminous hieroglyphs. Interact with the pillar next to the door to enter the forgotten chapel and loot the box below for your guaranteed legendary. Congratulations, you have completed the secret quest in Outriders.

Outrider is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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