How to beat the giant beetle boss

The Giant beetle is one of the first tough bosses you face It takes two. It is actually quite easy to figure out what to do, which is usually the challenge in the boss fights of this game. However, this boss can be pretty hard to beat even with a plan. Here’s how to turn off the giant bug in It Takes Two.

How to Beat Giant Beetles It takes two

This boss needs a good level of communication between you and your co-op friend. The giant beetle actually has a fairly predictable and easy set of movements, but it does require some quick reflexes and the goal of breaking it down. Without a doubt, May has the toughest job and ultimately the greatest influence in this boss fight.

  • The first thing you want to do is get used to dodging the giant beetle’s attack attacks. Cody and May take turns being charged and haunted. So if it attacks your buddy, get ready to attack. If it attacks you, make sure to look left or right just before impact and hit the dash key to dodge the assault attack.
  • The giant beetle also emits a shock wave that you need to prepare for and jump over. It occasionally upshifts its attack and bounces up and down, emitting three shock waves in a row that you must jump over. The bug can also jump on one of the players and release a shock wave when it hits the ground. To do this, you have to avoid the jump and jump over the shock wave.
  • Cody and May’s weapons appear to have no effect on the beetle itself. In order to harm him, you need to combine both weapons at the right time. First, fill each of the four pots (the holes with mesh above them) with Cody’s sap weapon.
  • Now that the pots are full, you need to shoot the juice with May’s gun at the exact moment that the giant beetle is on top of it to inflict damage on the boss to damage its bottom. You need to repeat this process until the health bar reaches zero.
  • You could just try to get the bug to run across the juice and get May to shoot the juice at just the right time to do damage to the boss, but that’s pretty difficult and unreliable.
  • Here’s a trick that will make this fight a lot easier – If the beetle charges at you, stand slightly in front of the juice pot and make sure that your evasive means avoid the beetle. He slips and stays right on top of the juice, pausing for a second so May can get a shot of the juice that deals damage. In general, it’s best to allow Cody to time his dodge so the bug will stop on top of the juice so May can line up the shot. Without discovering this strategy, after several attempts it could take a long time until the boss is defeated.

It takes two is Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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