Horizon Zero Dawn patch 1.04 notes

Guerrilla Games today released a new PC update for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. Below are the full patch notes for this September 7 patch.

the Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.04 is now available for download. We do not know the size of the download at this time. Today’s update fixes some bugs in the game and optimizations are made.

HZD PC Edition 1.04 patch notes

Known issues

  • Some players experience an out of memory error during the game optimization process.
  • Some players are experiencing graphical configuration issues such as anisotropic filtering or HDR not working properly.
  • Some players experience performance issues on specific hardware or GPU combinations.
  • Some players have issues with Aloy’s hair when the game is running at over 30 FPS.
  • We are aware of and continue to investigate issues that have not yet been resolved in player compiled lists by u / EvilMonkeySlayer and u / Rampage572. Thank you!

Patch notes
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when users created a new game and their game save slots were full
  • Fixed a startup crash related to temp folder
  • Fixed an AI crash that could occur during combat.
  • Fixed an AI crash in EventMessageHandler
  • Fixed a crash related to WorldData sampling (call stack would end at WorldMapData :: SampleAtPixel)
  • Fixed a crash when users instantly backtracked when toggling sliders in the Settings menu
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when having the “Greetings” option open in photo mode and then exiting
  • Possible fix for memory corruption in AI routines that could lead to hangs
  • Possible solution for a GPU hang caused by a threading problem
  • Fixed a mismatch that would occur on Shader Model 6.0 and 6.1 hardware that could lead to a crash

Performance improvements:

  • Overall CPU performance improvement (depending on CPU / GPU speeds, this may result in a 1 to 10% performance improvement)
  • Improved performance of camera cuts in cutscenes and conversations.

Other improvements:

  • HDR: Fixed color banding issues in HDR mode
  • Mouse controls: Fixed an issue where the mouse sensitivity was incorrect when the frame rate was not constant
  • Aim – Fixed an issue where Aloy was unable to shoot while she could critically attack near a machine
  • Scenes: Fixed an issue where geometry and textures would appear after camera cuts
  • Adaptive Performance: Fixed an issue where lighting failures would occur when activating adaptive performance.
  • Volumetric: Fixed an issue that could cause flickering artifacts in volumetric effects, such as fog
  • Reverb – Fixed several issues where excessive reverb was noticeable on specific missions
  • Visibility – Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause geometry to briefly disappear after streaming

Source: Steam