Guild Wars 2 announces new update, brings the most exciting map,What’s New ?

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With the new episode “No Mercy”, the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 brings new content into play in May. This contains a card that emphasizes a huge event. Many players are already looking forward to this.

What’s in the new update Guild Wars 2? The trailer for the third episode of the Eisbrut saga gives an overview of the contents of “Keine Gnade”. The focus is on the new map “Drizzle Forest Coast” and the continuation of the story.

But the other contents of the update are also impressive. So there are:

  • A new attack mission
  • Two new weapon sets
  • A new armor set consisting of four parts (preview in the cover picture)
  • New back parts
  • The new emote “death”
  • A new mastery to match the map

When does the update appear? “No Mercy” will be released on Tuesday, May 26th. The episode is therefore in direct competition with the release of the ESO extension Greymoor .

As usual, the update is free, provided you log in at least once before the next episode appears. The trailer is already attuning you to the content:

Why is the trailer so quiet? Due to Corona, there is currently no way to record voice recordings in studios. That’s why the trailer was released without a soundtrack.

But that will not only affect the trailer. The episode itself will also be released without voice recordings, as the voice actors announced in a beautiful video .

New map-wide meta event with a lot of action

What makes the new card special? The drizzle coast is reminiscent of World vs. World, a PvP mode from Guild Wars 2. However, it is not the players fighting against each other, but against their common enemy, Bangar Todbringer, and his troops.

On a first screenshot of the map you can already see that it is divided into different zones. These are controlled either by the players (blue) or the hostile NPCs (red).

The players are now tasked with coordinating and waging a war against the Charr on the map. In the trailer you can already see various siege weapons and points of conquest that will play an important role in this war.

Why is the map the most interesting one since 2015? With the expansion of Heart of Thorns, the dragon’s resistance came into play, a card that consists entirely of a huge event.

Even today, it is one of the most popular and most visited cards in the game because it contains an exciting event and a fight against a giant dragon, but also because the rewards are right.

The announcement already spoke of new weapon and armor sets. Should these be playable via the meta event of the card, this could keep players busy in the long term.

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