GRID Autosport will soon receive two free Multiplayer updates on Nintendo Switch

Grid Autosport, from the TOCA series, is another jewel racing game in Codemasters crown, which has invaded almost all platforms. Now, the developers are distributing two free updates, currently under development, the main reason being the availability of segmented configuration for the players screen and the availability of wireless local multiplayer players.

Who are already available on 16 December 2019. However, online multiplayer mode is configured as part of the free update package The second one is scheduled for 2020, so we’ll have to wait a little longer.


  • Touring: facing aggressive racing races
  • Resistance: Test your strength in events overnight
  • Tuner: Keep control of drift events and attack time
  • Open-Wheel: Master the race line at full speed
  • Street: increases the fear factor in city circles


From McLAREN 12C GT3 to MAZDA RX-7 (FD3S) DRIFT TUNED, Unleash Muscle Cars, Super Modified Engines, Hypercars, Hot Hatches and a variety of other high performance attractions in many tracks, roads, turns and loops. .

Codemasters got the mark with almost every title in the series, and the versions of this game now available are Grid Autosport Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. The TOCA series was published and developed almost entirely by Codemasters, and although it originally focused on car racing, the game eventually became a large and diverse group of auto racing sub-types.

GRID Autosport Nintendo Switch release date was September 19, 2019, and the game seems to have reached a very big tribute, so there is a huge demand for multiplayer settings. Unfortunately, this impressive racing game has yet to take advantage of the opportunities offered by multiplayer local players and discrete screen switches, as it is the core of the entire Switch experience. However, in only five days, we can enjoy it.

Online multiplayer races are played by RaceNet, the exclusive community hub created by Codemasters. Players also earn XP and cash, which is used to upgrade or buy cars. The developers also present several challenges for multiplayer modes: RaceNet Challenges, while the focus of the entire game is the presence of multiple racing specialties.

GRID Autosport reviews and reception were very favorable on all platforms, including Switch, and now the experience will only evolve. This last title is the crown jewel of the TOCA series, and it’s no surprise that this game continues to rule five years after its initial release.

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