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Grab The Talos Principle Free On The Epic Games Store

Talos principle is offered free of charge at the Epic Games Store! If you are a fan or want to try something new and big, choose your digital version. It’s an FPS puzzle game (not much around) and raises some of the most important questions in life, like who are we? What is our goal? The player decides what to do about it.

Get Talos Principle at the Epic Games Store for Free!

There are not many first-person puzzle games. Certainly something that grabs attention at first sight when we look at the Talos principle. It is an immersive experience that combines technology with ancient history, religion with myths, archeology with intelligence and combines everything in a puzzle that has a great impact. Just watch the trailer and try not to go and leave your copy:

The game is developed by Croteam, which is a studio based in Croatia, and is published by the famous Devolver Digital Studio. The game reached the computer in 2014, it went to Android and PS4 in 2015, got iOS in 2017, Xbox One in 2018 and finally to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game has occupied all of the above, with great success and positive overall . Comments and opinions. Tracking the game increased particularly when Croteam included SteamVR in the original game.

The game has earned critical acclaim in most online publications, with an average score of around 9 out of 10 stars. It depends on the story, but also offers an immersive and engaging game. We come to play as an anonymous robot. We are guided on how to take our first steps by an entity called Elohim, the role of the creator of this world from which we woke up. The game raises many deep questions about life and humanity itself, as well as about our way of life and current development.

Epic Games Store is famous for offering pleasant surprises from time to time. Just last September, they got a draw from six Batman games in one free package, which broke the internet at that time. All titles were from the famous Batman Arkham series and Lego Batman Trilogy as one package. Now, Epic gives up the Talos Principle to the world for free, and the show continues until 5 pm. It is better to go and secure your copy of the game immediately if this type of genius floats on your boat.

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