Ghost of Tsushima 1.03 Patch Notes Update Version

Ghost of Tsushima patch notes Update 1.03 – The third update was released even before the game hit stores.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release Ghost of Tsushima on July 17 exclusively for PS4. The availability of the third patch is now announced.

Until now, it was known that there would be two version updates, update 1.01 and update 1.02. With the release of the third update now, the download size is estimated at 40 GB.

What does that mean for me? If you purchased Ghost of Tsushima as a CD version, you must download all previously released updates during installation. So far 3 patches of about 40 GB. If you purchased the digital game, you do not need to download it, it will be included in the preload.

The game has received three updates so far prior to release and the final update is approximately 11.3GB. The size of the game preload is also revealed and estimated at 31GB.

Ghost of Tsushima Update Version 1.03 Patch Notes

  • Various Localization Fixes
  • Other Bug Fixes

The game is available on July 17 exclusively for the PS4.

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