Fortnite Update 3.12 Patch Notes

Update 3.12 has arrived for Fortnite. Here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch. Fortnite had its biggest update in a while in mid-March related to the Zero Crisis event that has been talked about for a while. However, with a game as big as Fortnite, there are many issues that need to arise that need fixing. Because of this, the game is receiving numerous maintenance patches. The latest of these was made available today for both PlayStation platforms and other platforms. One of the fixes was previously in a PC-only patch. Everything here is new with Fortnite Update 3.12.

Fortnite Update 3.12 Patch Notes

  • Today we released a maintenance patch for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Android. On PlayStation, Xbox and Android, this patch addresses the availability / queuing of the arena playlist. We’ll keep everyone informed when the update hits Nintendo Switch.
  • This patch also addresses the “Insufficient group members. Deactivated in 15 minutes ”to prevent players from being queued. On the PC, this was fixed in the April 5th PC Maintenance Patch.
  • On Nintendo Switch and Android, this patch fixes the problem that bundle packs are not displayed for players in the Item Shop / Samsung Store.

As you can see above, Epic Games hasn’t released a long list of patch notes with a ton of different fixes. Instead, they used to have a little server downtime to post a maintenance patch and posted more details about it on their Twitter page. This latest version fixes some playlist and queue availability issues, although the update is not entirely available on Nintendo Switch. The not enough bug with the party members was also fixed here, although it was recently fixed on the PC.

Fourteen days is available for PS5, Xbox series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. For more information on this patch, see official Fortnite Status Twitter page.

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