Fortnite: no longer possible to sign in with Apple

Apple Blocks Fortnite Login – Login via Login with Apple will no longer be possible!

As of September 11, 2020, Apple will no longer allow users to log into their Epic Games account via “Sign in with Apple.” We explain what you have to do to be able to log in to Fortnite.

If you have previously used the “Sign in with Apple” feature, please update your Epic Games account email address and password immediately so that you can access your account after September 11, 2020.

Update Fortnite Epic Mail

To continue accessing your account, you will need to update your Epic Games email address. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to the Epic Games General Settings page with your Apple ID and update your email address to include your current email address.
  • If you have not been able to update your email address to “Sign in with Apple” before support ends, Epic may manually restore your account. To do this, click below on “CONTACT US” and enter the verification code that you received by email. The verification code received should look like this: ABC-123-DEF

Update Epic Fortnite password

If you used “Sign in with Apple”, you may not have set a password for your Epic Games account. So please set one up now.

  • Log in to the Epic Games Change Password page with your Apple ID and enter a new password.
  • If you were unable to update your password before removing “Sign in with Apple”, but your email account was correct, follow the steps on the “I forgot my password” page.

If you are still having trouble logging into Fortntie with your Apple device, check the official website: