Fortnite: Camp Cod, Golden Pipe Wrench, Hydro 16 and Greasy Graves Locations

Here is Fortnite guide to help you complete challenges.Every week, Fortnite poses a new set of challenges to complete the players.

These challenges reward players with XP and other valuable things in the game. This guide aims to help you locate Fortnite ‘most-named’ most sought after sites and thus complete your challenges.

Here are four Fortnite sites to help you complete your challenges:

Fortnite Location : Camp Cod

In Fortnite A new set of challenges was recently added to the game. These Fortnite Challenges require players to destroy statues to prevent them from going to war against bears.

The relevant statues can be found on Camp Cod, and the challenge can be completed at Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet.

The image below highlights both locations on the island:

To complete the challenge, players must destroy a handful of statues at Camp Cod in Fortnite. Each Gnome gives you a devastating XP, which gradually increases with each stroke.

The following image shows specific areas of the COD COD site where the statues can be found:

Fortnite Location: Golden Pipe Wrench

In Week 10 Challenges, players on the Fortnite map looked for switches to connect the golden tubes. This was a very appropriate challenge for the “Gold” season.

If you still can’t locate all of the keys, here’s an image that highlights each one:

Fortnite Location: Greasy Graves

The sepulcher is not easy to locate because of the large number of trees and shrubs that surround it. The location is a haven for Durr Burger and Tomato Man, after kidnapping their POIs as part of Fortnite history.

Here is a photo that accurately highlights Greasy Graves:

The other two locations are Hayman, which is located on Frenzy Farm, and the infamous agency, where the champions of this season reside.

Fortnite Location : Hydro 16 or Compact Cars

The challenge mainly requires players to collect minerals at the above locations.

In case you reach the Hydro 16 site, be sure to land on the roof or near the power transformers to complete the challenge quickly.

Here is a picture showing the sites: