Final Fantasy XIV Update 8.52 Patch Notes 5.35 Details

Final Fantasy XIV update 8.52 is officially out as patch version 5.35. This brings in a lot of new content and implements bug fixes as mentioned in the patch notes.

Patch 5.35 brings a multitude of additions and refinements to the realm, including the continuation of the Save the Queen story and Resistance weapons, a new instanced encounter on the Bozjan southern front, and upgrades to Skysteel crafter and gatherer tools.

For the full Final Fantasy XIV 5.35 update patch notes, check the official website. A list of issues that have been resolved can be seen below.

Final Fantasy XIV Update 8.52 Patch Notes 5.35

  • The following issues have been addressed:
    • An issue in the instanced dungeon the Heroes’ Gauntlet wherein players were unable to progress under certain conditions.
    • An issue when undertaking the battlecraft levequest “Necrologos: Olidious Separation” wherein the items required for progression did not appear in the correct location, preventing completion.
    • An issue wherein executing the astrologian action Horoscope while multiple stacks of Horoscope Helios were applied would remove the Horoscope Helios effect from another player.
    • An issue when viewing the Crafting Log wherein using the “Search for Item by Crafting Method” subcommand causes the interface to function improperly.
    • An issue wherein the total sum of attributes for Crystarium gear was lower than that of other gear with the same item level.
    • An issue wherein the items Doctore’s Buckler, Qarn Kite Shield, and Conquistador Plate Belt could not be desynthesized.
    • An issue wherein players did not receive the achievement “Out of the Dark” after using the items Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn, Tales of Adventure: Heavensward, or Tales of Adventure: Stormblood.
      * Players who have already used one of the aforementioned items will receive the achievement after maintenance for Patch 5.35.

Other various issues have also been addressed.

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