Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 8.41 Notes

A hotfix patch was released during today’s maintenance for Final Fantasy XIV. Below are all the details for this August 25 game update.

the Finalf Fantasy XIV update 8.41 it is now available to download for all platforms. The confirmation window for submitting HQ items has been removed and some bugs and optimizations have been fixed.

FFXIV update 8.41 patch notes

  • The confirmation checkbox has been removed when trading items from HQ to NPC from Grand Company Tier Quests and Supply and Provisioning Quests.

The following issues were addressed.

  • Upon taking on duty from The Puppets’ Bunker, knockdown effects during a boss battle were not relieved under certain conditions.
  • When performing The Puppets’ Bunker duty, certain boss battle effects were not displaying correctly.
  • Upon assuming duty from The Puppets’ Bunker, the way forward did not appear when all the players in the alliance jumped from a certain location.
  • In the instanced dungeon of the Gauntlet of Heroes, Trusts would stop taking actions under certain conditions.
  • On the Deltascape V3.0 service, some benefits would remain in effect after the fee was cleared under certain conditions.
  • In the main story mission Hope’s Legacy, the NPC’s name was displayed incorrectly in certain texts.
  • Wrong content was displayed when talking to a certain NPC when completing the main story mission Unto the Morrow.
  • In the main story mission Converging Light, the graphics for certain NPCs were incorrect.
  • When accepting the mission Sleep Now in Sapphire, no image is displayed in the user interface or in the diary window.
  • No daily bonuses were received for the Daily Challenge: Frontline in the following areas:
    The Borderland Ruins (safe) / Seal Rock (seize) / The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
  • The game client crashed or crashed when players who had unlocked the splendors exchange spoke to the collectible dealer as Disciple of Earth level 50 or higher.
  • Warning text did not appear even though items that were put on the market by retainers exceeded the maximum gil under certain conditions.
  • Certain prices for items sold by the following NPCs were incorrect:
    Scrap Saver NPC in Idyllshire
    Scrap Saver NPC in Rhalgr’s reach
    NPC Sileas in the Ul’dah Merchant Strip – Thal Steps
  • Certain ground graphics are displayed incorrectly in the Footfalls located in Western Thanalan.
  • Certain text was displayed incorrectly.

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