Field Research Guide for Pokémon GO Rivals’ Week

It’s a new week in Pokémon GO That said, it’s time for a new event and some research. This time it’s a new series of Rival Week Field Research with players able to receive new quests that offer exclusive rewards for events. But they don’t always tell you what to get, and many are not worth completing. To help you decide which tasks to do and which to delete, here is our weekly research guide for the week of Pokémon GO Rival with all the tasks and rewards.

Field Research Assignments and Rival Week Rewards

We will update this full list throughout the event as more are discovered. However, thanks to players around the world, we have a head start and should cover most of them by the time you read this guide. However, if you come across one that we missed, check again to see if we added it. And let us know if we haven’t so we can keep this updated as much as possible.

  • Catch 3 Combat-Type Pokémon – 2 Hyper Potions or a Resurrection
  • Catch 15 Battle Pokémon – Zangoose from Seviper
  • Win a raid – Skrelp or Clauncher

Since this event was supposed to focus in some ways on Team GO Rocket attendees, many players wonder if some field research tasks were removed before the event started. Could there have been a “Defest X Team GO missile grunt” or an assignment to defeat the Team GO missile leaders? It’s very possible, but with an update that recently broke functionality, they were temporarily removed. We’ll have to wait and see if players get some kind of makeup event or bonus for the issues.

Either way, that’s all of the Pokémon GO Rivals’ Week Field Research tasks and rewards in one guide.

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