Factory Town campaign update patch notes on August 24

Erik Asmussen has released a new campaign update for Factory Town. Below are the full patch notes for this August 22 update.

The Factory Town campaign update is now available for download. The patch adds new campaign maps and some adjustments are made.

Factory Town Patch Notes August 22

Features / Enhancements

  • Campaign Maps 1 and 2 added. These are custom maps with specific starting conditions and objectives, and they are unlocked in a progression. To access these, choose New Game, then Campaign.
  • Non-sandbox maps from previous versions of the game are assigned the default victory conditions (“Build OmniTemple”)
  • Customizable victory conditions have been added, accessible during game creation and in-game editor role. The minimum happiness, the minimum required buildings of specific types, the minimum items required by the player, the minimum items produced (even if consumed), and the minimum base level can be set independently.
  • If school is disabled in the game rules, buildable items that depend on research are automatically hidden
  • You can now modify the Research Recipe properties
  • Maximum base level added as editable value in global rules. It will automatically hide all buildable items that cannot be obtained based on the set value of this maximum level constraint.
  • Added house max level as editable value in global rules.
  • The base can now have its population provided by level adjusted. The default is ‘4’, you can enter comma separated values ​​to change the population provided by level (eg ‘4, 8, 12, 16’ …)
  • You can directly enable or disable an item from the context menu when editing rules
  • Improved performance in selected building UI
  • User interface panels retain their position when closed
  • Some user interface panels can be resized by dragging the edges and corners of the window
  • New models have been added for the Base to make each level more distinct
  • It will now show a save message if you try to load a new map while on an unsaved map
  • The game’s main menu now has different “save” and “save as” options. ‘Save’ only appears if you have previously saved the map
  • When zoomed in, Tilt Shift blur is now dependent on camera depth, not screen position
  • Minor structures are not displayed in unlock notifications
  • Added tooltips when hovering over the main happiness screen icon, showing the current happiness level, production bonus, and required happiness for the next bonus level.
  • Added a new biome: Low Ridges

Error correction

  • Bug fixed: disabling a default recipe for a building in the Rules Editor would not be stored or have any effect
  • Bug fixed: Pinned menus were discarded when ESC key was pressed
  • Bug fixed: disabled items kept showing up in home sale categories
  • Bug fixed: footpaths are generated below initial base position
  • Bug fixed: inventory icons would be incorrectly sized when UI scaling was applied
  • Bug fixed: wagons would not prefer pedestrian paths on grass even though they get a movement speed bonus from pedestrian path
  • Fixed Bug: Houses and Base did not show correct level dependent preview when moving or placing
  • Fixed Bug: Inadvertent unlock notification when activating and deactivating creative mode
  • Bug fixed: possible bug if the provided house population did not include enough array entries
  • Bug fixed: Right click menu was not dismissed when clicking blank part of menu
  • Bug fixed: Element generators would not generate anything if an OmniPipe was connected to its main output

Balance changes

  • The car, ramp, stairs, and fence require carpentry research, but not other buildings.
  • The road, the road ramp, the bridge, the stone wall, the stone bridge The stone arch, the stone bench and the stone pillars require investigation in masonry, not in the Stone Mason building.
  • The decorative lantern requires metallurgical research, not the Forge Building.
  • Farm Tile requires agricultural research, not farm construction
  • The school now only requires base level 2, instead of base level 3
  • The Workshop is no longer automatically unlocked at Base Level 3, but requires Woodworking Research.
  • Basic agricultural and logistics research requires a basic level 3
  • Woodworking research only costs 1 coin per research
  • All research requires 100 full recipe counts
  • All purple coin requirements for research recipes significantly reduced (not infinite)
  • Basic level 3 requires stone bricks instead of stone and 100 yellow coins instead of 50
  • Paper recipe no longer requires basic level 3
  • The paper recipe now requires 1 wood instead of 2 wood and produces 2 paper instead of 1 paper
  • House upgrade level 4 costs 25 red coins instead of 100 yellow coins
  • Wagons and caravans move a little faster on the trails than before.
  • The house on level 4 requests the sandwich instead of level 3
  • House requests warm shelter on house level 4 instead of house level 5
  • Fluid Pipe research requires a basic level 3 and basic logistics, costs 1 red coin and 1 writing material per research instead of 2 yellow coins and 1 writing material
  • Basic logistics requires 1 red coin per research instead of 4 yellow coins
  • The tree planter requires 4 planks instead of 2 iron plates
  • Forester costs 20 Stone instead of 20 Stone Bricks
  • Gourmet foods cost 20 planks instead of 20 iron plates

Source: Steam

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