Echoing Conches and Their Locations (Act 2)

The news Genshin impact Event, Echoing stories, hires travelers to collect Echoing clams scattered across the Golden Apple Archipelago, which was introduced in version 1.6. There’s just one little catch: they don’t all appear at once. The number of available Echoing Conches is tied to each act of the new island event. So if you want to have all 32 conches (or at least the 24 needed for Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit), you need to actively and actively explore the Midsummer Island Adventure quest to explore the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Luckily I am not sleeping and have decided to hunt all Echoing Conch locations for Echoing Tales. To make the analysis a little easier, I am breaking each new Act of Echoing Conches in Genshin Impact into articles of their own to not only make it easy to read the map markers I am putting, but also to keep up with the new locations.

You can read the guide for Act 1 here, and I recommend grabbing the first five seashells before starting the Act 2 story. Once you have these seashells in hand, continue the main story of the Midsummer Island Adventure by starting Act 2 which reveals more of the Golden Apple Archipelago and all of the seashells found in this guide. In addition, the locations of the mussels are grouped by islands to make each one easier to find.

This guide is in progress. All of the clam locations are currently marked on the maps, and I’ll update this guide with screenshots of each with a general description of their location (and how to get to them if they’re difficult to find). Bookmark this guide if you want to have the explicit locations for every single clam available in Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act 2.

Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Act 2: Echoing Conches and Their Locations.

All locations for Echoing Conches: Twinning Isle

All Echoing Shell Locations: Broken Isle

All locations for Echoing Conches: Minacious Isle

All locations for Echoing Conches: Pudding Isle

Genshin impact is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Mobile.