Dota 2 Update 7.29 Patch Notes

Update 7.29 has arrived for Dota 2 and there is a huge list of changes that have been made to the game. Here is the full list of the changes and fixes that you’ll find in Patch 7.29 Update for Dota 2.

What you’ll find in this update for Dota 2 is a character balance that will surely shift the meta for the game. This update introduces a brand new Dota 2 Hero in Dawnbreaker. This new character for Dota 2 is

Update 7.29 for Dota 2 was released on April 9, 2021.

Dota 2 Update 7.29 Patch Notes

General updates and corrections

  • Updated terrain with various changes
  • Water Power Rune added. Spawns in both Power Rune locations in minutes 2 and 4. Immediately restores 100 health and 80 mana when used. Can be used to fill bottles. From 6 minutes onwards, Power Runes appear on one page as usual.
  • Up to 7 +2 attribute levels have been added (for the 7 empty levels from 1-26), which can be leveled in any order (by clicking on the talent tree circle). They are automatically leveled if no other options are available.
  • Level 30 no longer grants all remaining talents. Instead, level 27/28/29/30 grants you the remaining talents from level 10/15/20/25
  • Outposts no longer give XP at the 10/20/30 / etc minute mark
  • Outposts now offer XPM while they are controlled (XP = 2 * minute). No additional XP is granted when controlling two outposts, similar to the existing rules.
  • Compared to the previous version on October 20th, 30/40 minutes, the specified XP per player has been changed from 150/500/1050/1800 to 110/420/930/1640.
  • The XP are provided on the minute mark
  • The amount you will get for every minute at the beginning is 2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 for minutes 1 to 10
  • Bounty runes after the first set are reduced by 10%
  • Bounty runes no longer appear in the river. The amount these runes gave is now automatically provided over time via GPM.
  • Bounty runes now appear every 3 minutes in the respective jungle area (the total number of runes has been reduced from 4 to 2).
  • Bounty runes no longer disappear when new ones appear. They will now appear next to the previous one if not included
  • In minute 0, bounty runes appear in the jungle and at the locations of the power runes (a total of 4 at the beginning of the game).
  • Various spell areas and movement speed talents / items / abilities have been replaced or weakened (these can be found in the following sections on items and heroes).
  • Hero Kill Assist Gold has now been adjusted based on the relative NW difference between the two teams. For example, if your team has lost 5,000 gold and the enemy has a total net worth of 50,000, your assistant gold is worth 10% more.
  • Heroes now start the game with 1 TP scroll instead of 3
  • Heroes now receive 1 TP scroll on death
  • TP scroll cost increased from 90 to 100
  • Heroes with a Turn Rate of 1.0 now have a Turn Rate of 0.9
  • Heroes with a rotation rate of 0.5 now have a rotation rate of 0.6
  • The effect of turning speed on the time to turning improved by 20%
  • Aghanim’s scepter: With Roshan drops you have to activate it now in order to consume it (has no effect until consumed)
  • Aghanim’s Shard: now falls on the second Roshan kill and only on this one (has the same activation mechanics as the scepter drop)
  • Increase teleportation range from 575 to 800 (affects TP scrolls and Boots of Travel).
  • The base teleport base channel time has been reduced from 6 to 5 seconds
  • Outpost visibility has been reduced from 700 to 500
  • The initial picking phase in Captains mode has been changed from 1st-2nd-1st-2nd to 1st-2nd-2nd-1st
  • Hoodwink has been added to Captains Mode
  • Couriers are out of sight while in Roshan’s pit
  • Protection spells can now be excluded from full health by any allied player when the protection spell is placed in a spawn camp box
  • The armor of the old neutral crawlers has been increased by 1 (excluding the old golems).
  • Neutral items will now fly towards the killing hero instead of spawning under the dead unit
  • The number of hero bans for matchmaking has been increased by 6 (still random)
  • The buyback cost has been reduced from 200 + NetWorth / 12 to 200 + NetWorth / 13
  • The courier’s respawn time has been reduced from 60 + 7 * levels to 60 + 6 * levels
  • Damage reduction for backdoor protection has been increased from 40% to 50%
  • The range of transferring items from hero to hero has been increased from 150 to 300
  • The respawn interval for the tree has been reduced from 5 to 3 minutes
  • The following skills no longer destroy trees: Earth Cleaver, Mortimer Kisses, Meteor Hammer, Makropyr.
  • The radius of tree destruction has been reduced by the following abilities: Wild Axes, Gust, Gears, Vacuum, Remnants of Fire, Resettlement, Leash, Blinding Light, Spit, Doppelganger, Telekinesis, Fire-Gulping Biscuit, Spit Out, Spider Legs, Blast! Throw, snowball, powershot, Will-O-Wisp.

The full list of item and hero updates can be found at Dota 2 blog for the full patch notes

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