DiRT Rally 2.0: GOTY Edition Scotland-Available March 20 Whats New?

Iconic Colin McRae rally moments should also be available again with the Game of the Year Edition of DiRT Rally 2.0. The GOTY Edition is already celebrating its release in two days, next Friday, March 27, 2020. Fittingly, there is not only a new trailer from Codemasters to see, but also some new content that the drivers are sending to Scotland, among other things.

On PS4, as well as on Xbox and and PC, players will receive seasons 1-4 including a selection of vehicles, race locations and paint finishes, as well as completely new content when purchasing the new edition, as well as the career and success of Colin McRae to celebrate. All drivers who have previously bought the DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition or at least any full season pack will already receive the bonus content as a free digital download.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition offers the most comprehensive experience of Rally Cross & Rousse Cross ever, with over 80 cars and 26 locations in the world.

Since the launch of the main game in 2019, DiRT Rally 2.0 has been on an evolutionary path with cars, new locations and features that society demands every month, and with the release of Game of the Year Edition all content after launch is already available in one package

DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition – FLAT OUT Pack

The DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition includes 81 cars and 26 different routes. The publisher emphasizes that new players will be able to experience the “most authentic point-to-point” rally game for the first time. The experience is combined with the official FIA World Rallycross Championship, which includes a traditional lap-based race and six cars.

The new content comes into play under the name “FLAT OUT” pack. The main focus is on the new location Scotland, which integrates two locations with Perth and Kinross, in which you can travel on twelve routes. The two new cars, the SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally and SUBARU Legacy RS, can also be used. In total, the legendary career of Colin McRae can be relived in 40 scenarios from 1984 to 2006.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Trailer: “The complete off-road experience”

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