Diablo 4 about the PvP : Developers do not Promise fair fights

How does PvP work in the shared world of Diablo 4 ? Blizzard has commented on this and says that they do not promise fair fights.

What does Blizzard think about PvP?

Game director Luis Barriga explains that there are no balanced arenas in Diablo 4. PvP takes place in the world, but in predetermined PvP zones. However, those who enter these zones can not expect a fair fight.

“We do not promise players that it will be a fair fight,” says Luis Barriga. “John and I could meet you and we could murder you – and two against one, that’s not fair.”

PvP becomes dangerous

What exactly does that mean? Diablo 4 offers you an open world . This you share with other players. During your adventures, you’ll meet other players time and again. Not all the time. Blizzard would like to make the encounters something special, so you should not expect a huge number of players per server.

In this open game world, there are areas where PvP is allowed. If you enter these areas, then you must count on being attacked by others.

As Blizzard explained now, these are not fair fights. Yes, it may be possible for gankers to ambush you and attack you over and over again or for you to join a group of PvP players who attack you together.

The PvP areas of Diablo 4 should be very dangerous and you have to survive well, whether you want to venture in it.

Nobody has to participate in the PvP

Is it necessary to enter these areas? It was said that there are no particularly powerful items to find in PvP zones and the story of Diablo 4 you will experience alone anyway.

That is, the PvP areas are basically just there to fight each other there. Nobody is forced to enter these places. Therefore, only those players who are interested in such a type of player-versus-player combat should get together there. Basically, the PvP then also counts to the endgame of Diablo 4 .

What does this remind you of? The PvP system of Diablo 4 is somewhat reminiscent of that of Diablo 2. Also in D2 one player could suddenly attack the others – as long as they reached level 9. And Blizzard sees it that the PvP in Diablo 4 should be based a little on Diablo 2. Ganking will be possible – but only in the PvP zones.

What do you think about this system? Do you like the fact that PvP zones are so dangerous and you can be attacked there anytime? Or would you prefer another system?

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