Destiny 2: when is the solstice armor again? That says Bungie

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In Destiny 2, players have long been demanding that the popular solstice armor should finally be useful again. After the mood on Reddit has boiled up again, Bungie spoke up.

It’s about this armor: The event-specific armor from the hero’s solstice is very popular with many players – at least visually. It looks chic and last year also had exclusive glow effects to offer, which it prettied up again.

This armor can only be earned as part of the Solstice event . If you had a complete set of the highest quality in 2019, you got the entire set as an Armor 2.0 version when Season 8 started .

What’s the problem with this armor?

The problem with this: Many literally tore their butts to tie up this armor. Some even spent money on the glow effects in the Eververse.

But this armor is hardly or not used at all. In the eyes of most keepers, it just isn’t worth it. Because although they are available with the new Armor 2.0 armor standard , their rolls and stats are really bad. And it cannot be used as a universal ornament on other armor parts.

Many people are particularly annoyed by the fact that one has spent so much effort and in part money on it, that the armor and thus the glow effects cannot be used effectively. Numerous guardians almost feel betrayed.

In numerous threads, Bungie was made aware of the problem by the players and changes were required. So you want to be able to either pull the armor with random rolls and stats or at least use it as a universal ornament on other armor parts.

The cool set should finally become useful again and be worth it again, so many players wish. But Bungie was largely silent on the subject, at least so far.

This is what Bungie says: 

After numerous threads on this topic with some 17,000 upvotes, which Bungie had not commented on for weeks and months, the mood recently boiled up in a new post on this topic – with more than 13,000 upvotes in just one day.

There, the author made fun of the fact that Bungie will certainly let the guardians earn the armor in the desired ornament shape again in the manner of a benefactor at the 2020 Solstice Event. In addition, the studio would be very surprised if they upset the players that they have to earn old rewards that they should have had long ago.

He got a lot of encouragement for that. Numerous players finally requested changes to the solstice armor again. Some hoped that Bungie would address the issue until the upcoming Solstice Festival in summer 2020. But nothing will come of it.

Because in this thread the Community Manager dmg04 surprisingly spoke up. This assured the team would continue to monitor and process feedback on solstice armor and related ornaments – from years 1 and 2. But there will be no changes in the next two seasons.

So it actually looks as if the potential changes will actually only come (if at all) to the 2020 Solstice Event.

The players say:

The answer caused all kinds of frustration, annoyance and ridicule among the fans. It is a typical Bungie answer, so the basic tenor. The criticism and feedback are anything but new, in some cases even from year 1 of Destiny 2.

Hardly anyone can understand what prevents Bungie from unlocking armor as a universal ornament, which should be more than enough for most. There was also a swipe towards Bungie’s priorities. Bungie won’t get an armor ornament in half a year, but the Eververse will surely overflow with novelties in the next two seasons.

How do you think about that? Would an armor ornament have been enough for you? Or can you not understand all the trouble?

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