DayZ Update 1.09 – Patch Notes 1.20 September 8

As Bohemia Interactive announced yesterday, Global Update 1.09 for DayZ has already been released. Below are the full and final patch notes for this September 8 game update.

the DayZ Update 1.20 (1.09) can be downloaded and installed immediately, for all platforms. More details, like download size, will appear in a few minutes!

DayZ Update 1.20 / 1.09



  • Added the Deagle pistol with its accessories.
  • Added the Magnum revolver
  • Added the flagpole and flags.
  • NBC respirator added
  • Added 7 new exterior and interior variants for country houses.
  • New medium and small power lines added in Chernarus
  • Added 4 × 4 ADA police wreckage for Livonia (replacing Chernarus Olga police)
  • Added information to items about how many you can stack


  • Fixed various issues with the location of items from the Chernarus and Livonia grounds
  • Fixed various exploits to fail through collisions.
  • Fixed an issue with characters sliding on steep slopes.
  • Fixed a bug that spawned certain items slightly below ground when swapped between inventory and surroundings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ropes and sticks to be left behind after destroying the watchtower or fence kit.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could hear themselves after using and leaving the PSA station behind.
  • Fixed minor misalignment of mouse cursor texture.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented full rounds from displaying in first person view when ejected from the weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that would show the plate holder sleeve upside down in the inventory view.
  • Fixed an issue that caused handmade items to float above the ground
  • Fixed an issue that caused fish caught through fishing to float above the ground
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the gas cooker to function even when stored within inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that would place the rope on the ground, if you took it out of a watchtower kit or a fence kit in your hands
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from picking up certain items that were dropped at the Watchtower.
  • Fixed a bug that caused floating ammunition to appear next to the player while reloading.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dropped items to be cut across the garden plot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cut wood planks to be created from a stack wherever the first cut plank was moved
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from opening vehicle doors due to nearby corpses.
  • Jumping out of a car can no longer be used to crash into objects or jump fences (the player will be teleported back)
  • Fixed an issue with items in nested containers disappearing or appearing on the ground as new
  • Fixed shotgun damage calculation when using shotgun ammo.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Olga 24 to see through without a hood in first person view.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the infected to climb through closed tent doors.
  • Fixed an issue when collecting items through certain walls.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed carp to be placed in the water.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed tents to be placed on steep terrain.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the foliage smoothing settings from being applied when restarting the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused bullets fired via double fire mode (BK 43 and Blaze) to only register as a single hit
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the use of a ruined pick.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented amounts of items within the load from being spawned at a random capacity
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain infected types from spawning inside cities and industrial zones.
  • Fixed an issue with the execution of gestures in limited spaces, causing the character to snag on objects
  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicles with running engines to injure nearby players, even if the vehicle was not moving.


  • Updated the textures of various buildings and various accessories.
  • You can now place up to 1
  • to 10 wooden sticks in a fireplace
  • Bracelets can no longer be stacked and their inventory size is reduced to 1 × 2
  • The doors of vehicle accidents now open wider
  • Locked doors only show their locked status after the player tried to open them once
  • Changed the attachment slot icon for stones.
  • Stacks of the same items can also be combined on the ground (up to the maximum of the inventory stack)
  • Updated Olga 24 police car model for Chernarus
  • Balanced spread values ​​for all guns.
  • Balanced weapon durability while firing.
  • Increased the durability of suppressors (including makeshift ones)
  • Duct tape can no longer be used to repair weapons and their accessories.
  • Digging a garden plot now damages the tool used
  • Locking / unlocking doors now damages the pick
  • New characters appear in a T-shirt and hiking shorts.
  • New characters have a chance to appear with damaged gear
  • The penalty on thermal insulation and absorption capacity of worn and damaged clothing has been reduced.
  • The watchtower kit can only be placed under a ceiling that fits at least the first floor of the watchtower
  • Items that fall out of hand during a player’s death will share the corpse’s lifespan (1 hour by default)
  • Items without equipment when skinning a dead player share the lifespan of the dead player’s body (1 hour by default)
  • The radial menu for emoticons now shows whether an emote can be run at the current position.
  • Revolver and Deagle effective ranges were adjusted.



  • Added more loot points to car accidents.
  • The lifetime values ​​of all items have been greatly increased.
  • Rare Helicrash loot is now excluded from counting in player-owned storage item load (shops, crates, ..)
  • Server reset no longer spawns new loot (ignoring resupply timers) and loot is only spawned after resupply timers expire
  • Added new InitialSpawn parameter in globals.xml, allowing the definition of the% of items generated in the world (only when no existing storage is present)

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