Dauntless Latest Update 1.33 Patch Notes whats New ?

Phoenix Labs has released official patch notes for the new Dauntless 1.3.3 update. Below you will find full information about the call for an empty update on July 30.

Dauntless Update 1.33 can now be downloaded and installed. You should download and invest a total of 1.7 GB. Depending on the platform, download size may vary, as well as related version numbers.

Dauntless Patch Notes 1.3.3



Ramsgate is born again, and she is more significant than ever. Explore the bazaar, blacksmithing, and beyond while searching for stunning views, tasting local music, and saying hello to Granny Strega, Ramsgate’s new resident ink seller. Complete your diary with discoveries and absorb the atmosphere of our new home.


The sword has been completely reshaped with new moves, new revisions, and a new Valor system. With adaptive combos that allow you to launch, cut, launch projectiles, and drop devastating damage, this weapon can withstand almost anything.


Enjoy the adventure with Clear Skies Hunt Pass. Complete rewards and earn Hunt Pass XP to boost your passes and unlock new rewards, including two new armor combos (Freelancer and Wayfinder) and Transfigurations for each weapon.



  • Updated move: The portal train aether move now leaves more corruption pools. Corruption pools now fire corruption projectiles at the player.
  • Adjusted thrash move priority on Thraxes so that solo players will see more thrash attacks while mounted. Improved Thrax audio.
  • Fixed a bug where Thrax would not play its combat entrance, instead remaining hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where Thrax would still sometimes disappear during the portal train.


  • Added an interrupt window and new stagger animation to Razorwing Kharabak’s dash spin attack.
  • Reduced the amount of hits required to clear a swarm by 50%.
  • Reduced the number of projectiles Kharabak can throw at once in both normal and aether-charged state.


Decrease the speed in Quillshot’s front slide attack to make it more readable

Right and left fangs now break independently, rather than at the same time.

Fixed a bug where breaking fangs in a Quillshot variable wouldn’t make them disappear.


  • Reduced frequency of teleports.
  • Added longer teleport VFX when teleporting to a player position.
  • Added a damage threshold interrupt window when becoming enraged.


  • Added an interrupt window and new stagger animation to Riftstalker’s rage spin loops.
  • Riftstalker’s portal VFX are now more readable and more precisely timed.


  • Reduced range and duration of damage on Winterhorn Skraev’s spinning jump attack.
  • Skraev’s ice wall attack now hits Slayers more reliably.


  • Increase interrupt windows on all slip attacks to make interrupts more reliable.
  • Reducing role distortion in random jumping attacks


  • Improved Gnasher heads. They’re fluffier now.
  • Reduced turn warping on Gnasher’s tail slam attack.


  • Increased damage area during mount-jet-spawning slap attacks.


  • Increased time between aether-charged (shielded) states.


  • Fixed a bug where Pymuth would face more anger than expected, especially at Escalation.
  • Fixed an issue where Behemoth animations sometimes became uneven.


New unique effect: once charged, your next attack places a frost brand that deals 2,000 damage after 30 seconds. Slayers can destroy the brand, prematurely detonating it for 50% increased damage. Charges every 90 seconds.


  • Pangar prism is now available for repeaters.
  • Currently-equipped weapon parts are now more visible in the crafting menu.


  • Fixed a bug where firing a low quality shot from the Godhand would make the next shot act like a low quality one regardless of actual quality.


  • Fixed a bug where junk mail entries could end Malkarion’s legendary ability in incorrect animations.
  • Enhance the legendary audio capabilities of Thrax.
  • Fixed a bug where Riftstalker weapon shadow objects could appear floating at random locations.


In 1.3.0. We fixed a bug that caused “Mercy Vulnerability” (non-exposure after an injury) for longer than expected. As part of the solution, we decided that it should end when you can cancel your step by leaving it. Well, that turned out to be pretty bad. Until now, you only lose your weakness when you cancel your wobble. But if you just get your hands off the console, you’ll still be in danger until your character ends completely standing up.


New amplifiers:

  • The avatar of corruption grants immunity from corruption. He steps in a bunch of crime that absorbs it, which gives attack speed + 15%, damage and rate of movement for 10 seconds.
    Elemental form: radiant. With the touch of the lantern, enter the radiance and heal the nearby players to obtain a percentage of the damage suffered. Another way to cancel radiation is to cause a healing explosion. The threshold model will now also explode for damage when canceled by another model.
  • New Amendment: Planar Voyage opens a gateway to the Threshold universe. You can collect limit points that give 10% additional damage for your entire team for a short period for each spot obtained.
  • Modxian mod was added again.
  • Squad Targets and Repairer Gift will not appear in Amp Selection when playing alone.
  • Corruption Bond Amplifier now provides 15% additional damage to Enraged Behemoth and 5% further life theft to Behemoth Ether-Charged.
  • Hellions no longer spawn with Mod Danger Zone.
  • The Air Strike Beacon can now be used to step up the threshold.
  • Improve collision, boundaries, and environmental impacts at the escalation threshold.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Pymoth’s shivering to escalate the threshold


  • Torrent Shield and Medic +6 perks return to their full quantity of shielding whenever they are refreshed.
  • Improved camera targeting in areas with multiple enemies.
  • Added a tutorial for Bounty Tokens.
  • Improved general combat audio.


  • All the screens in the Airplane lobby now show a countdown timer, and there are no other surprising exits while shifting gears!
  • You can now create rewards while visiting training camps.
  • Inspect Player can now be re-edited on the computer.
  • If the search target is on a different island, the search mark and compass will point to the fishing plate to indicate that you must travel to complete it.
  • You can now remove event tasks from task tracking.
  • Whenever you require a task to update an item, a search tag will appear above the NPC. The appropriate items will be marked in the user interface.
  • Progress changes on the Hunt Down screen are no longer bright green.
  • The display of damage numbers for Drask Lantern Holden’s skill has been changed to show a large quantity per injury per part instead of several small per parts.
  • Missions that require you to go to a training camp or Ramsgate now have HUD indicators that take you to the point of travel.
  • Improved menus, UI, text, and site.

Improved SFX user interface.


  • Made assorted CPU optimizations and FPS improvements, including player nameplates, high-population cities, pylons, gatherables, and banners.
  • Slightly reduced load times.
  • Improved matchmaking from and into Ramsgate/the Training Grounds.
  • Improved the way island data is downloaded.
  • Fixed a number of rare crashes.


  • Skirts and tabards no longer point upwards when using the Elevated Spirit emote.
  • Fixed clipping issues with chest armours when using Tactile Waveform gauntlets.
  • Fixed a bug where your hair colour on the Twist Out hair would appear incorrectly in menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skullforge’s fire didn’t work correctly with hidden helms and transmogs.
  • Fixed a bug where hiding your helm could cause your head to disappear.


  • Numerous locations have been fixed since it was possible to jump off the map with War Pike.
  • The island’s edge recovery sequence is no longer limited to 30 fps.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause wrong air and lighting.
  • Fixed a bug where your lamp could be visible even when it was gone.
  • Fixed a bug where an opaque floating head appeared in perfect dribbling.
  • Iceborne visuals no longer prevented other players’ visuals from being activated.
  • The feet no longer cross the plane’s floor.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause choking movements to seem to slip.
  • Fixed several errors where audio was not playing.

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