Dauntless Latest Patch Notes 1.26 Update 1.21

Phoenix Labs released Update 1.2.1 Update for Dauntless today . We have all the information about the update on April 9th.

The Dauntless Upate 1.26 can now be downloaded and installed for all platforms. You have to download a total of 477 MB, at least on the PS4. With this update there is new content, bug fixes and improvements.

Dauntless Patch Notes 1.26 – Update 1.21


Spring is here  and the Shattered Isles are full of pufflehops! Collect eggs and protect our fluffy friends in a new way of hunting. To get started, talk to Quartermaster Markus.

Team up with friends to play three rounds of challenges, earning carrot chips based on your performance.

Round 1: Search for eggs on the island.
Round 2: Drive Pufflehops into their enclosure.
Round 3: Repel the Styxian Attack!

You can also earn 50 carrot chips with every other hunt completed. Carrot chips can be spent on unique cosmetic items, emotes and more in the springtime shop.


  • A championship card for the Firestorm Prism (part of the Charrogg bolt action pistol) has been added.
  • The standard action for the Emote wheel on a hunt is now the beacon.
  • The appearance of water on islands as well as certain grass areas and protrusions has been improved.
  • Escalation hunts now grant additional Hunting Pass XP. Escalation levels 1-13 now grant 15 XP (previously 10) and 10-50 now grant 25 XP (previously 15).



  • Torgadoros should no longer get stuck on the volcano – really this time!
  • Volcanic guns no longer shoot through the walls of the Riftstalker’s murder palace.
  • Falling off the map in a fire escalation during the sequence no longer limits your FPS on the PC to 30.
  • The escalation push UI is now correctly hidden in the airship if the push has already been purchased.
  • The clarity of the UI when buying escalation spurts has been improved.
  • Patrol chest bonuses are now properly applied in escalation.


  • Torgadoro’s stamina buffs will no longer stop your stamina regeneration when you use stamina-consuming attacks.
  • Moonreaver Shrikes no longer play random feather sound effects.
  • Kharabak faces should no longer penetrate the floor during personality animations.
  • Gnasher players can no longer push through the ground and out of the map.


  • Jumping with the Twin Suns’ sprint in Skarn’s cyclone attack no longer shoots the player up to the sky.
  • Daredevil Jump can now be used to jump over Kharabak’s projectiles.
  • Getting a buff and losing it again (e.g. most instant lantern abilities, lots of elixirs) no longer causes the Reactive Grip effect to stop working.
  • The hand of God no longer shoots its laser into the sky when used just before you are hit.
  • Fixed an issue where the unique effects of Hellion weapons deal +250 damage at all levels instead of 75/150/225.
  • Shrike weapon particle effects no longer persist after the effect expires.
  • The unique effects of Shrike weapons now stack the correct amount of bonus damage.
  • The unique effects of Stormclaw weapons will now trigger correctly when evading by Behemoth attacks.
  • The unique effect of the Boreus War Spear no longer generates unlimited Frost Fairies.


  • If you hide your helmet while using the Falcon’s Skin Visage, your face will no longer become invisible.
  • If the helmet of the fire falcon is equipped and hidden, no visual effects will appear on the eyes.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented magma balls from dodging.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get damage from splitting lava even if you dodge successfully.
  • Fixed an issue where certain projectile damage events would not scale with percentage damage modifiers.
  • When sprinting and reloading have been tied to the same button, pressing the button while the repeating pistols are stuck no longer causes them to be pulled and reloaded instead of sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting and shooting were not tied to the same controller button unless it was the right trigger.


  • Fixed an issue where the animation sequence for returning to Ramsgate would not play music and sound effects if the window at the beginning of the cutscene was not focused.
  • Fixed an issue where the ground could disappear in certain locations with maximum field of vision.
  • Fixed an issue where lights from NPCs could light up the player’s hair.
  • The Blue Glow of the Drawn Master no longer appears and disappears while you move your camera. And what does it do? It glows blue.


  • The mouse pointer can no longer resize the window by dragging while in combat in windowed mode.
  • The mouse pointer can no longer escape from the game window in full screen mode with two monitors.
  • The mouse pointer is no longer offset to the hit boxes of buttons in menus while you are in full screen mode with the resolution 1920 × 1080.
  • The Torgadoro icon in the championship menu is no longer cut off.
  • Placeholder texts and prices are no longer visible on the shop page of the elite hunting pass if it loads too slowly.
  • The button icon to open the chat window is no longer stretched or squeezed on the Nintendo Switch.
  • The escalation reinforcement symbol no longer hides player titles in the airship.
  • The news of the day leading to the elite hunting pass now loads the correct descriptions and prices.
  • If a controller is disconnected while loading onto the ship, the message no longer shows two OK buttons.
  • Key displays in the vault no longer overlap with nearby text.
  • The HUD in town now shows notifications for receiving vault items.
  • The tip “Bounty hunts available” now disappears immediately when new bounty hunts are added.
  • You will no longer be put back at the top of the list if you break down a +1 cell in the middle man.
  • The timers in the middleman’s cell shop can no longer display negative numbers.
  • Equipping equipment from the manufacturing menu now makes indicators for new equipment disappear from the equipment menu.
  • Hunt Pass XP rewards will no longer appear in the Hunt Summary if the hunt is lost.
  • Firestorm prism is now properly displayed as a pyramid in the repeater gun manufacturing menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused UI text to flash in different sizes when tracking a neutral behemoth and setting the language to Italian.


  • The “King of the Hill” quest now shows the correct, current power in the power level target.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a burning building to float above the ground in the tutorial.
  • The tree trunk of the emote “ABSTAMMEN” now falls correctly on the ground instead of just hanging in the air.
  • The emote “Take a chair” is now properly aligned for feminine character models.
  • Daily login cores now give the right amount of rams.
  • Fixed an issue where the request to buy escalation spurts was also displayed to players who already had an active spurt.
  • Fixed a rare case where the connection to the server was escalated.
  • Dynamic camera zoom has been disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Shrowd’s tail from being damaged after getting angry.
  • The repeater crosshair is now correctly hidden when using the legendary ability to run Torgadoro repeaters.
  • Fixed armor skin penetration issues from the hunting pass.
  • The vault no longer hides objects you already own and instead displays them as yours.
  • Fixed an issue where Torgadoro’s muscles would remain in your inventory after you reset your character.
  • The 5000 Platinum package is available again on Xbox One.
  • A bug with the edge of the map on the ranking list of exams has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI indicated that you received fearless rewards for completing Normal difficulty exams.
  • Fixed an issue where certain UI texts would not be displayed when the language was set to Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue that caused subtitles and tutorials to appear in English when playing in other languages.
  • Significant improvements in the localization of non-English languages.
  • Fixed an issue where players on the Nintendo Switch with modified system clocks could not see limited time offers in the shop.
  • Loading times on the Nintendo Switch have been improved.
  • A rare crash while playing on the Nintendo Switch has been fixed.
  • Fixed a rare crash when viewing particle effects on the Nintendo Switch.
  • A rare UI crash on Xbox One has been fixed.

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