Dark Alliance – How to Beat Garnn and Murdunn

The boss fight with Garnn and Murdunn will most likely be your first roadblock in. be Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Fighting them is the first time you need to make good use of everything you’ve already learned in the game, and whatever you do, don’t fight them on an increased difficulty level. Well, at least that’s for your first encounter with them. You’re a lot stronger than you’d expect, and the fact that you’re both facing at the same time makes things a lot harder. See what I’m talking about right below.

How to beat Garnn and Murdunn in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

This annoying duo complements each other exceptionally well, which isn’t good for you as an enemy. Murdunn casts extremely harmful spells both up and down, while Garnn is the team’s punching bag. And what a punching bag he is. Garnn is disturbingly tanky, so avoid him entirely for the first half of the fight. You won’t be able to lower his health fast enough without Murdunn throwing his spellbound flood on you. So the first step is to keep avoiding yarn and focus on Murdunn.

Step two is the hardest part of the whole fight. If you attack Murdunn head-on, you will die. This is almost certain to happen unless you are already a master at dodging its spells at any distance, which is easier said than done. Hence, you need to take advantage of the objects around you. There are a few bits of metal scattered around that can serve as walls, so every time Murdunn keeps throwing energy balls at you, hide behind one of these “walls”. His spells become completely useless in this way, and Murdunn will at some point after casting many of them become exhausted and “recovered”. Then you have to run to him and unleash your highest damage combination. He may be able to shoot you, but Murdunn can’t take much punishment. Repeating the same pattern twice may be enough to turn it off so you can then focus on yarn.

Speaking of yarn, rest assured that it will not leave you unchecked as you are trying to do all of the above. He will constantly try to attack you while you take cover, so the best thing you can do is to dodge him without engaging him in a fight. In addition, after a while the duo calls for help and several goblins also jump into the fight. This is where things get really difficult, so you can either ignore everyone else by dodging their attacks while waiting for an opening to destroy Murdunn, or walk around and take out those smaller mobs. Whatever the case, your goal is to get Murdunn to hibernate and take advantage of him.

Since Murdunn is gone, you can now face Garnn. This part is very easy. Keep putting Garnn under pressure so he has no chance of attacking you and he will guard your attacks with his shield all the time. After breaking the guard, it’s time to unleash your strongest attacks and flush and repeat until he’s out. Smaller mobs can help him in the end, so either kill them ASAP or ignore them and try to dodge their ranged attacks.

Choose the difficulty level for the fight wisely

You won’t be at a very high level the first time you meet the ugly duo, and you won’t have very strong gear either. For these reasons, it’s best to leave the difficulty level at Rank 1, as even Rank 2 can end up raising the difficulty level a lot more than it should. For reference, with Drizzt as my main character on Difficulty 2, Murdunn shot me two times. My gear was decent enough, nothing special and also upgrades to a good level. With that in mind, you can see that squishy characters will have a tough time fighting this boss fight, especially when they’re alone, but even Bruenor and Wulfgar can have a tough time in the end. As a group you can plan ahead and flank them a lot easier, but as a solo fight this is an uphill battle. Be prepared.

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