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Conan Exiles Update 1.62 – Siptah Island 2.0 Patch Notes September 15

Funcom today launched the Great island of Sipath Update for Conan Exiles. We will have all the relevant information about patch 2.0 on September 15.

the Conan Exiles update 1.62 can now be downloaded and installed. The patch will appear first for the PC version, consoles will have to be patient.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Patch Notes

Check the temperature system!

We’ve redesigned how building parts and clothing affect your character’s environmental protection, and we’ve also improved the way temperature changes are conveyed to you on screen. Gone are the soothing benefits and protection statistics of insulation and temperature, and the protections and benefits against heat and cold are here. To learn more about how it works, read here!

Progression rebalancing

We have normalized experience and profit across the board, and made them the new defaults. To find out how this affects you, whether you’re playing solo, on an official server, or running your own private server, read here!

Changes in combat and PvP!

We are changing the way healing items are consumed and working to make combat more visceral and your actions more deliberate. The PVP server settings have also undergone a makeover, with new customization options, as well as a new Dynamic Building Damage setting to customize offline raids – or disable them entirely!
To find out how this affects you, whether you play alone, on an official server, or run your own private server, read here!

Isle of Siptah DLC Expansion!

Siptah Island It is by far the biggest addition to Conan Exiles to date. You’ll have a whole new world to explore, new legends to discover, new enemies to defeat, and a completely revamped ending, with waves of magic, island vaults, and a new environmental challenge: the Maelstrom.
Included in this expansion is the new Siptah Island, a place filled with new challenges and content for you and your friends to discover. Also included are two new building sets: Flotsam and Stormglass. 3 new armor sets and new weapons, as well as the new rhino mount that will allow you to tame and ride a powerful new mount – the rhino!
For a full description of what this DLC expansion contains, visit the Steam store page! 7
Access to these new features requires ownership of the Isle of Siptah expansion DLC.


  • New Expansion DLC: Island of Siptah!
  • Check the temperature system!
  • Progression rebalancing!
  • The healing elements are rebalanced!
  • New PVP setting!
  • Lots of exploit fixes!
  • Upload custom maps!
  • Numerous fixes and optimizations!
  • …and a lot lot more!


Performance and styling

  • Fixed various connectivity issues.
  • Improved load times when connecting to a server.
  • A number of server-side and client-side optimizations were added, especially with regards to the build system.
  • Fixed a performance issue when playing the intro scene on certain AMD hardware.

Exploit fixes

  • Fixed a number of exploits that would allow a rapid succession of attacks under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a number of exploits that would allow players to have infinite stamina.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bonuses to stack on slaves.
  • Several false positives in anti-mesh measurements were corrected. This is a feature that is currently being tested only on the official Testlive servers.
  • Fixed various unwanted locations where players could build.

New additions

  • New expansion downloadable content: Isle of Siptah.
    – A brand new map packed with content, points of interest, crafting materials, demons and secrets to unravel.
    – New building (Flotsam and Stormglass), 3 sets of craftable armor and new weapons.
    – New endgame mechanics such as Surge, Elder Vaults, and Sigil for you and your clan to experiment and master.
    – Rhino saddle, allowing you to tame and ride a powerful new mount.
  • Checking the temperature system.
    – All clothing and armor now have two stats: Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance.
    – Added indicators for better representation of temperature changes in the game.
    – Relaxing effect and simplified temperature effects have been removed.
  • Review of PVP configuration. Now they can be adjusted per day.
  • New configuration of dynamic damage to buildings. If enabled, buildings can only be damaged while the building owner (clan or individual) is online or after a certain period when logging out.
  • Added ability to load custom maps.
  • New options have been added in game settings to disable camera shake.

Crafting arrangements

  • Fixed an issue where bonus recipes provided by Blacksmith and Carpenter Slaves were not available at Crafting Stations.

AI fixes and slaves

  • Horses would become hostile towards everything under specific circumstances. We said close to that.
  • Fixed an issue where followers’ chase and attack distances would reset upon session restart.
  • Followers should no longer teleport within map geometry when the player is scaling a surface.
  • Certain enemy NPCs in the Dagon and Midnight Grove dungeon can no longer damage other NPCs with their AoE attacks.
  • Fixed various remaining Hate List issues with World NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where slaves would get stuck when switching weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where Scout Slaves could get damaged in unwanted situations.

Balance updates

  • Journey Steps now provides less experience.
  • Combat and Gathering now provide more experience and resources.
  • Inherited curative effects of food and drinks were removed. You can now only heal with dedicated healing items and potions.
  • Aloe Potions (Potions) and Wraps (Bandages) now have animation requirements for their in-game effects to trigger.
  • Potions now have a short animation before their effect is activated and Bandages have their effect applied continuously.
  • Being hot will increase your thirst rate and in Extremely Hot, you will start taking damage over time and have a stamina cost penalty on your actions.
  • Being cold will increase your hunger rate and in Extremely Cold, you will start taking damage over time and suffer a stamina cost penalty on your actions.

Quality of life improvements

  • Items can now be used while being placed in containers.

General bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused building piece temperature resistances to not be reapplied after a server restart, which could result in the death of player characters upon login. Yes finally.
  • Fixed an issue where more than one avatar could be summoned at a time.
  • Pet Models in Animal Pens should no longer switch places and disappear after reloading the area.
  • Player characters should no longer be able to be killed while teleporting.
  • The calming effect was removed.

Animation and cinematographic arrangements

  • Certain great enemies and bosses flinched hysterically at being hit. We asked you to lower your tone a bit.
  • Fixed an issue with the horse dismount animation.
  • Fixed various issues with driving animations.

UI and text fixes

  • The friends list should now be accessible with a controller or arrow keys.
  • Removed Barbarian Edit button from main menu.
  • New PVP settings and sliders have been added to the Settings menu, under the general tab.

Source: Funcom

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