CoD Season 3: Modern Warfare and Warzone What can we expect?

After the excitement about the current Call of Duty part of Modern Warfare had subsided again, the new Battle Royale mode “Warzone” in particular brought excitement, attention and headlines again. Since up to 150 players have been able to punch their heads on the large Verdansk map alone or as a team and fight for survival, Activision and Infinity Ward have been very popular again.

In the first ten days after “Warzone” was released as a free to play standalone, those respondents reported that there were over 30 million players who tested the mode. The most recent addition was the revised version of the popular Modern Warfare 2 campaign, which is already playable on PlayStation 4 as a remastered version. For Xbox One and PC, the release is waiting for April 30.


What can we expect in Season 3?

Now you might think that Activision keeps your feet still in the meantime, but nothing there. On Friday, the publisher announced via Twitter the date for the start of the upcoming third season, which will have both new contents for Modern Warfare and Warzone. Accordingly, players can already look forward to plenty of news on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. The content of what we can expect during the week is not yet fully known. There will be numerous new skins and designs to unlock. Still, potential additional content has already been discovered by data miners and eager seekers.

Also, the cover, which shows four characters, could indicate that there may be the desired squad mode for Warzone throughout the season. Speaking of the cover: the focus of the picture is character Alex, who the players already know from the Modern Warfare campaign. He survived the events in history without wanting to spoil further here.

CoD: Season 3 Leaks and speculation

As various YouTubers and scene experts report, a creator code system should come into play, as we already know from Fortnite. This should allow players to support their favourite content creators specifically. Dataminr was also able to find the revised “Backlot” card in the game files, which will also be implemented in the course of the third season. Parts of the map should also be visible in the background of the season cover. The miners also want to have found out the “Village” card from Modern Warfare 3.

If you believe these sources, the “SKS” sniper rifle will find its way into the game. Anyone who plays the Battle Royale PUBG will most likely have had experience with this weapon. The new “Renetti” pistol is to be introduced at the same time for the backhand.

There may also be additional playlists for Warzone. These include the modes “Duos”, “Quads”, “High Action”, “Shotty Snipers”, “One Shot”, “Realism” and “Hardcore”, reports Reddit user “u / Senescallo”. Finally, it should be noted once again that all information in this section has not been officially confirmed and is mostly based on information from data miners. The full announcement will follow in the coming days and at the latest Wednesday from Activision itself.

About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. In the current branch of the franchise, developer Infinity Ward is once again converging on the strongest brand in the entire Call of Duty series and, in addition to classic multiplayer in its current setting, is again focusing on a story-intensive single-player campaign and cooperative missions.

Since March 10, 2020, “Warzone” has also been added as a F2P Battle Royale Standalone, which allows up to 150 players to fight for survival in two different modes at the same time.

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