Call of Duty:MW brings you 2 new modes and an XP bonus this week

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare enters the second week of Season 2 and brings a few new modes and bonuses. Also included: a duel mode on Rust, night vision action and double weapon XP.

What is going on at CoD? Last week, the big shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare started the second season , with new maps, a fresh Battle Pass and lots of rumors about the Battle Royale mode .

With a community update, the developers keep us up to date and give an outlook of what’s going on in Modern Warfare this week. There are 2 new modes and there is another Double XP event.

Rust gets duel mode, reinforcement in the dark

What was specifically announced? The developers mostly formulate the community updates a little inaccurately. So don’t say “This is the mode from Tuesday”, but rather “How about something like that?” And again, the wording is rather vague.

After a juicy “Valentine’s Day” weekend, there is nothing better than starting the new week with “NVG Reinforcement”. Or maybe … maybe your “Valentine’s Day” wasn’t going so well either? Duel Rust with a potential soulmate! Or maybe you just need more double weapon XP …

So what are the new modes coming?

Modern Warfare announces two new modes with this text:

  • 1vs1 on Rust – A duel mode on the new, small card Rust
  • Reinforcement NVG – The team mode “reinforcement” with night vision. Here it is important to take the points of the opponents in order to revive and win your own comrades.

Both modes have never been seen before in Modern Warfare, so they bring a breath of fresh air to the playlist.

What is going on with the Double XP? 

This announcement seems particularly vague. For the first time in the current playlist there are special modes in which you get double experience points.

It is quite possible that the developers will continue to use this new feature to increase the number of players in certain modes. But it may as well be that we get double weapon XP in all modes. We will see that with the update.

When will the new modes and Double XP come? 

The standard playlist update takes place on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.

What about a 24/7 mode? 

Whether the current 24/7 mode continues to run on Rust or whether there is a change again remains unclear for the time being. The game mode is currently running under the unusual name “To have”, because with “Valentine’s Day” some crazy mode names came into play .

In the current CoD week, the players had to do without a popular 24/7 mode on the “Shipment” or “Shoothouse” mini-cards for a whole week for the first time since the release.

However, since it is a big wish of many players to have a permanent 24/7 mode with a small map in the playlist, we can assume that the fight will either continue 24/7 on Rust or one of the other mini modes will return , But that is not certain.

The big wait for the Battle Royale

Warzone” is supposed to be the name of the new Battle Royale and currently the players of Modern Warfare are hardly concerned with a topic like the potential 200-player mode. For almost a week now, players have been asking for information about the BR and a gameplay leak revealed more details.

It almost went under that the new Battle Pass also came with 2 new weapons. You can unlock the Gray 5.56 and Striker 45 after a few steps in the pass, even without the premium version that is subject to a fee.

When the Battle Royale is coming remains uncertain. At least now it seems clear that he is coming.

How do you like the announced modes, do you try out some of them? Or will Modern Warfare only start again when the Battle Royale finally comes?

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