Chivalry 2 Update 1.32 is Out Now

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After the big Chivalry 2 Reclamation 2.9 patch came out yesterday, Torn Banner Studios has now released Chivalry 2 update 1.32. This one only seems to be for the PS4. Find out what’s new in the patch notes below.


We quickly moved on to the PS4 issue and think that people can now log in (as of early this morning). After years of testing, make sure that the PS4 players now work right.

Chivalry 2 tweets from @Chivvadine on November 9, 2023.

We took some steps to fix the PS4 problems, and we think players can now log in (as soon as it’s possible). Please bear with us while we do more testing to make sure that PS4 players work properly.

You can see that it’s more than that to fix any login problems. What came to mind yesterday? Here are the main points.

Update Highlights for Chivalry 2: Reclamation.

  • New Team Objective Map | Taking Back Montcrux:Surface is the most important part of 2ndChival because it’s where and who sees the battle with the Tenosian kingdom. The 64-player map makes it look like the attacking Agathian group will have a tough fight. Your enemies will keep firing at the demonize tower and Aladdin’s camp, so you can keep fighting with their tails. If they get through, the Agathians will have to lower their guards and stop the bombardments that are coming up against them by building a castle.
  • A new game mode that’s only available for a short time, Peach Standing: The Peaches of Aberfell are in a very public fight. As a weak pee that has been hurt by the Agathian brothers or their own spirit, you must quickly find any weapons you can in order to beat the other teams over many games. The winner is the team that wins all five games.
  • It also means you can beat them. You should always be quiet when you’re in jail! Be careful when you shoot again, even though it might do a lot of damage. There are also many dangers in the world, and this gun lets you shoot anything. Make him matter!

The prize can be anything from a beautiful set of Aura Templar armor to a lot more. Tell us what we can expect from the readers when a new patch comes out.

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