CDPR: The Witcher makers expand their shop offer, check offers

Witcher wild hunt CD Project

The release of the CD project Red Shops last year hit like a bomb. The products from The Witcher’s universe and also Cyberpunk 2077 sold like sliced ​​bread. Many products were sold out on the first day, and even subsequent deliveries and renewed offers often sold out quickly.

CDPR: The Witcher makers expand their shop offer, check offers

The Polish developer of what is probably the most successful role-playing game to date has gradually expanded his own portfolio in the online shop. So also yesterday, March 27th. Fans of digital products can now also talk to themselves physically and very old-fashioned. The community wants to inspire with numerous puzzle motifs related to the “Witcher World”.

About the puzzle

Two series of “Witcher World Heroes Jigsaw Puzzles” are now available in the shop. For each picture you have to bring 1,500 parts to the right place and right place. The motifs range from Triss and Ciri to Vesemir and Yennefer. Of course, Geralt himself shouldn’t be missing either. You pay EUR 15.00 per puzzle, plus the shipping fee.

CP Projekt Red offers you a total of 10 different motifs to choose from. In addition to the many individual parts, the puzzles also include a collectible poster and a “wolf school” bag with a pull-through band.

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