Burnout Paradise gets full remaster for the Switch, what’s new ?

Burnout Paradise gets full remaster for the Switch, what's new ?

EA and Nintendo are working together. In cooperation between the two game makers, a complete remake of the popular title “Burnout Paradise” from 2008 is created. The partners present the project with a new trailer and initial information. Accordingly, the burnout franchise will be on the Nintendo console for the first time in 2020.

The action racing classic is intended to encompass the entire gaming experience of the Burnout Paradise Original. Including all eight DLC packs and cars that the original title already had to offer. The Open World in Paradise City should come in smooth 60 FPS, high-resolution textures, improved map control and many other revised content.

Something for everyone

DLCs ​​for the original should be included in the package right from the start. From “The Cops and Robbers pack” and “Legendary Cars” to “Burnout Bikes” and “Big Surf Island” everything is included. Multiplayer fans should also be offered a lot both locally and online. Whether controller or console shared with a fellow player or with up to eight other players on the Internet – the hot races should also be experienced together and against each other.

Burnout ™ Paradise Remastered is the first burnout game on a Nintendo console to hit the market in 18 years. The game at that time was called “Burnout 2: Point of Impact”. Nintendo and EA have so far not owed us an exact release date for their return.

Burnout Paradise Remastered Nintendo Switch

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