Borderlands 3: Trial of Supremacy Guide

Border areas 3 continues his great shooter-raider addiction with the brand new DLC and some new challenges including the Test of supremacy. If Proving Grounds is your thing then you’ll be delighted when Trial of Supremacy challenges anyone who dares to step foot in the arena. If you want to find out how to join, check out our guide below.

How to enter the process of domination in Borderlands 3

Proving Grounds challenges are arena-like brawls where players compete against waves of enemies for the highest possible score. When these waves are complete, an arena boss will jump straight into the fight and be ready to fight with you.

The Trial of Domination is another of those great challenges, with some new rewards too, of course. However, in order to be eligible you must first exit the game and use the Eridian Analyzer to decipher all of the Eridian Writings collectibles. Then travel to Desolation’s Edge, where you will receive the quest to unlock the Trial of Domination. This will unlock Proving Grounds mode and allow you to take part in the matchmaking process for Trial of Supremacy.

The process of domination takes place in the Hall of Obsidian southwest of Nekrotafeyo, in the same place where we completed the above quest “Desolation’s Edge”. Overseer is the NPC you are looking for to interact with and start the trial. Immediately afterwards you will enter the arena and take on certain tasks in the four areas of this challenge. Good luck with that because it can be quite challenging, and hopefully these guidelines have helped you find your way to the test of supremacy.

Border areas 3 is available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, see official website.

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