Black Ops Cold War: How to Get Wolf

Black Ops Cold War introduced two new operators for the mid-season 2 update. One of the two new playable characters is Terrell Wolf, a NATO faction operator.

Wolf finally made his debut with Update 1.14, having first played the Death Machine Scorestreak in the Season 2 Battle Pass Trailer. Apart from the vague time “in the season”, we had no indication of Wolf’s arrival before the mid-season update. Even so, we would have been surprised if the Louisiana-bred Delta Force sniper passed the midpoint seasonal update.

How to get wolf

To unlock Wolf in Black Ops Cold War, you have to buy this Wolf Operator Bundle from the Black Ops Cold War or Warzone Store for 2,400 cash on delivery points, which equates to $ 19.99. However, the bundle contains more than the operator. Wolf brought some specially designed guns and his best boy, a deadly trained rottweiler.

Here is the exact contents of the bundle:

  • wolf – Legendary operator skin
  • Bite force – Legendary M16 blueprint
  • Clawberknocker – Legendary Streetsweeper Blueprint
  • Anger catch – Epic Combat Knife Blueprint
  • Dog of war – Legendary finishing move
  • Horex Alpha Camo – Epic clock
  • Rusty mine – Epic charm
  • Dirty business – Epic emblem
  • Anger fire – Legendary business card

The second season of Black Ops Cold War is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S available.

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