Between us, December update patch notes Carlos Hurtado

The December update between us is finally here, and here is a list of all of the changes and fixes added in this patch. This Between Us update doesn’t bring all that many changes, but every issue that is resolved is valued. Now the game is available on all next generation consoles. The players have been waiting for something for some time. If you have been one of the many fans who wanted to play on other platforms with your friends, this is your time. Everything’s new here with the December update to Among Us.

Below us are December update patch notes

  • The scroll wheel is smoother
  • The false bans on hacking have been stabilized
  • Minor connection corrections
  • The hat of the right hand is no longer missing in the wardrobe
  • Fixed the engineering role being able to indefinitely stay in a vent that they need to clean
  • The cheater will no longer be considered a displaced character if they disintegrate during an emergency session
  • General usability improvements and visual fixes

Along with these fixes, the developers have added some interesting new content. New Comiscubes will be available in the in-game shop, so players can customize their crew members as they see fit. In addition, Among Us crew members will make a cameo in Samurai Gun 2 alongside characters from other franchises.

Between us is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, and mobile devices. For more information about this update, see the official below us Steam page.

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