Best skills and moves for friends

in the Monster Hunter Rise We have our friends who follow us, each with their own set of skills, and in this guide we’re going to be looking at those best buddy skills and moves The game has to offer. This new title introduced an additional companion, the Palamute, to the pre-existing Palico fellows who have been with us for a few years, and provides an extra layer for creating buddy theories when it comes to their setups. Let’s take a look below.

Best buddy skills and moves in Monster Hunter Rise

While Palicoes have their set skills and moves, Palamutes have skills and equipment, which is pretty much a lesser version of Palico moves. All of them have their own uses and uses and provide excellent hunting support. There are dozens of different ones, but here we are only going to mention the very best, which will help immensely any hunter in their monster hunt.

Best buddy skills

  • Status attack up
    • Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks
  • Attack (L)
    • Greatly increases attack (stacks)
  • Knockout King
    • Increases the likelihood of stunning and fatiguing monsters
  • Critical (S)
    • Increases affinity (is stacked)
  • Ranged attack
    • Increases ranged attack

Since Palamutes and Palicoes can have the same skills, you can equip your friends with the same skills. In fact, it is highly recommended to do so as its effectiveness will increase. As you can see, the offensive approach to buddy skills is preferred as all of these can help with easy handling of a monster. Knockout King and Status Attack Up in particular make friends shine when it comes to assisting the hunter, as they can easily burden creatures with the suffering of their status weapon or stumble and knock them to the ground.

Best Palico moves

  • Go fight, win
    • Reduces the hunter’s stamina loss while dancing Palico
  • Power drum
    • Sounds like a drum that increases attack and defense for both hunters and friends
  • Shock purr
    • Set up a shock trap that prevents large monsters from moving
  • Rousing roar ((Exclusively for Palico type fighters)
    • Unleashes a fearsome roar and empower friends and hunters
  • Endemic lock on life ((Exclusively for the Palico collection type)
    • Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista. The results vary depending on the creatures launched
  • Steal ((Exclusively for the Palico collection type)
    • A boomerang attack that steals material from monsters
  • Giga Barrel Bombay ((Exclusively for Bombardier Palico)
    • Pounces on an enemy with a giga barrel bomb

There are many options to consider for Palico trains, but the above are the clear winners in terms of how well they benefit quests. The power up moves like Go, Fight, Win are extremely useful for the hunters themselves, while things like pilfer are essential to speed up the material growing process. This is why the gathering type palicoes are the most popular because they have two exclusive moves, both of which are extremely helpful. Of course, you can also choose your own Palico friend and set it up however you want.

Best palamute equipment

  • Guarding the umbrella
    • An iron umbrella shield for Canynes that can both attack and defend
  • Heal the blade roll
    • A scroll that activates when attacked and heals anyone around it. Its effects only last a limited time.
  • Distraction role
    • A scroll with a unique fragrant ointment that attracts monsters. Its effects only last a limited time.

Palamutes don’t have as many options as Palicoes for their exclusive gear, but they can still be helpful with what they have. All of them are defense and support options, with Guarding Parasol / Heal Blade Scroll being the most common combination. Make sure that Palamute’s behavior remains “Follow” so that it is near you and heals you appropriately.

This is all about the best friend skills and moves you can find in Monster Hunter Rise. Friends are excellent companions on your adventures, so don’t neglect their physique and training. They may appear as fillers in a fight, but when properly set up, they help tremendously in any type of fight. Plus they are adorable, don’t forget that.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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