Best 5 Horror and Thrilling Games in 2022

Horror games offer some of the most thrilling gaming experiences, and, like their film counterparts, they aim to bring you as close to death as possible without actually dying. In between the thrills and jumpscares, horror lends itself well to character-focused storytelling, which can frequently tug at one’s heartstrings. It’s time to shine a light on the terrifying games we’ve ever played.

Whether hunting ghosts in an abandoned Japanese village or slaughtering mutated monstrosities in the dark depths of space, horror gaming fans will go to great lengths to give themselves goosebumps. And while your local video game store might offer any number of so-called spine-tingling titles, the majority will fail to deliver on the “horror” front. here we discuss the Best 5 Horror and Thrilling Games in 2022.

Best 5 Horror and Thrilling Games of All Time, Check out the list here


Dead By Daylight debuted in 2016 as a modest but well-intentioned asymmetrical slasher horror game in which bumbling teenagers avoided gnarly eviscerations from archetypal slasher movie villains. By 2021, it will have evolved into the Smash Bros. of horror games, bringing in iconic killer characters such as Freddy Kreuger and Michael Myers and legendary horror game villains.

Dead By Daylight launched with three distinct killers and a quartet of survivors. Their unique abilities oozed with character—The Hillbilly, for instance, can rev up his chainsaw into a murderous sprint—but the inflexibility of the roster ensured that the gauntlet played out in predictable ways. Nobody likes a villain who never alters their devious plan. But as of this writing, Dead by Daylight includes 22 killers and 24 survivors, each offering radically different toolkits.


Until Dawn is possibly the best couch-multiplayer title on this list, and it is best played with friends in a living room. It’s a classic b-horror camp film adapted into a video game where you control eight teenagers attempting to survive an ill-fated night at a spooky mountain cabin. Until Dawn’s main selling point is how it emphasizes your choices in-game, it is up to you and the decisions you make to determine the fate of each character.

You play as a band of boorish adolescents, gathering at a hilltop lodge in chilly British Columbia. The get-together marks the anniversary of a tragedy that occurred 12 months prior – and needless to say, there are more catastrophes around the corner. The story’s been written by Hollywood hotshots Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, and it does show; the plot remains silly from start to finish, but it never takes its tongue out of the side of its cheek, and while it draws from movie tropes quite liberally, it subverts them just enough to eschew pure parody.


The Dark Souls games, of which this is a direct descendant, do not play like horror standards. They’re action RPGs with a focus on stat micromanagement and skillful gameplay. Despite this, they feel scarier than most games based on fear – stress, dread, and jumps are as daily as loot and leveling. The best of the bunch is Bloodborne, a sprawling, mysterious tale of eldritch horror set in a twisted nightmare vision of Victorian Europe.

The beast appears though you didn’t expect it. You’ve never seen anything like this creature, a giant komondor dog with horns–and a former vicar of the church evangelizing her faith by holding her paws together in prayer, then slamming them onto the ground and knocking you clear. The vicar is a microcosm of Bloodborne itself, a great monstrosity that attacks you with vicious horror and religious overtones until you submit to it. Even should you rise above its terrors, Bloodborne answers to no master? Instead, you agree with it: You allow it to invade your brain and demand your concentration, and it allows you to wake from inevitable death, reminding you with each resurrection that life is a gift.


If you enjoy horror films and television shows like Paranormal Activity and The Haunting of Hill House, you should check out Phasmophobia. The pitch for Kinetic Games’ early access title (keep in mind that because it’s early access, you’ll almost certainly encounter bugs while playing) is that you and up to three other players are paranormal investigators. These games are available on Android as well as PC.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, one of the terrifying video games to date, kicks things off. This game managed to retain the essence of what makes Resident Evil great while flipping it on its head by presenting it in the first person. At first glance, it may not appear to be a Resident Evil game, but after about an hour, everything begins to fall into place — particularly in the horror department. The main antagonists are mutated humans, who are even more terrifying than traditional zombies because they are more believable. Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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